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    MI - Adam Campbell, 26, Escanaba, 9 April 2011

    I can't find the "New Thread" button to properly post this, but a young man in a small town where I once lived was found in a burning automobile about an hour after he left the bar. That was several years ago, and no progress is apparent from local news stories. I was surprised to find no mention of his case on here; please post this information in the appropriate place. Thank you.

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    From your link:

    The body of Adam Gerald Campbell, 26, was discovered inside a car while firemen were extinguishing the burning vehicle on the 300 block of South 19th Street during the early morning hours of Saturday, April 9, 2011...

    Three people were recently interviewed in connection with the case in December and tips were received by the department as recently as last week, said Hunter, noting nothing beneficial to the case was received.

    Hunter said police have also considered the possibility that Campbell’s death was the result of a mistaken identity.

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    Thank you, Okie.

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    A special Facebook page called "Justice for Adam Campbell" has been up ever since his death, and the Escanaba Public Safety Department has a Facebook page where you can send private messages with information. You can also call 786-5911 and give information that way, and you can remain anonymous.
    I hope someone speaks up

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