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    NY - Kimberly Ratushniak, 25, Suffolk County, 2004

    Kimberly Michelle Ratushniak

    Date last seen - January 01, 2004 (unknown date or month in 2004)
    Age last seen - 25 to years old
    Race - Native American
    Sex - Female
    Height (inches) - 66.0
    Weight (pounds) - 200.0


    Hair color - Brown
    eye color - Brown
    Scars and marks - 1-2 inch scar on inside left arm, close to forearm, from a cut.
    Tattoos - Tattoo on lower back of a daisy and butterfly.
    Other distinctive physical characteristics - Part Aboriginal Native

    City - Long Island
    State - New York
    County - Suffolk

    Dental Status: Dental information / charting is available and entered
    DNA Status: Sample submitted - Tests complete
    Fingerprint Information: currently not available


    Kimberly left her her home in Canada and traveled to New York in late 2003 telling friends she was going to find work as a nurse. While there, contact suddenly stopped. Kimberly entered NYC on November 21st, 2003 by flying into JFK airport. She called her mother and said She said she was staying in “Nurses Quarters” on Long Island, New York, that she was fine, and that she was calling from pay phones.
    Kimberly called a friend from New York City on New Year’s Eve 2003 at which time she said she was going to Times Square with friends for the dropping of the ball. On the last call, sometime in 2004, Kimberly said she was calling from Long Island, New York and mentioned she was deciding whether or not to sign over her five year citizenship.


    DOB: 05/11/1978
    Kimberly was 25 years old when she traveled by airplane from her home in Cambell River, British Columbia to Long Island, New York. She arrived on November 21st, 2003.
    She has a scar from a cut on her left arm above her elbow.


    Kimberly is not listed on any other missing website!
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