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    MD - Grace 'Gay' Montanye, 16, Baltimore, 29 Sept 1971

    Authorities are investigating whether or not the murder of 16-year-old Grace Elizabeth "Gay" Montanye is connected somehow to the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, the murdered nun featured on Netflix's The Keepers. She is one of three attractive, similar-looking girls who were visiting shopping malls just like Cathy Cesnik just before they were abducted and were later found murdered.


    Murder victim Baltimore City. Miss Montanye was a cheerleader in her junior year at Franklin Sr. High School. She apparently met someone about a modeling job and was found beaten to death over 30 miles from her home. She was found behind the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Westport, Baltimore City. She had been a finalist in the upcoming Miss Reisterstown Teen Queen Pageant.




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    If you have any information on Grace Montanye's murder, please contact the Baltimore City Police Department. You can send a text to 443-902-4822 or send an email to HomicideTips@baltimorepolice.org

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    In a recent reddit AMA, Ryan White, Director of The Keepers, commented on the case of Grace Montanye:

    “One case that we did document for the series but didn't end up making the final cut is the murder in 1971 of a young girl in Baltimore named Grace Montanye,” White said. “We worked closely with her family and they were lovely and the murder is tragic and compelling on many levels -- I hope there can be some follow-up and closure on that case as well.”

    LINK: http://www.baltimoresun.com/features...526-story.html

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    Are there any locals out there that knew Grace or her family? Does anyone remember any other details about this case?

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