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    CA - Kathleen Heisey, 50, Bakersfield, 29 June 1998

    McFarland school principal Kathleen Heisey with her children, Lisa and Timm

    Kathleen Heisey was 50 years old on July 1, 1998, when her body was found in her south Bakersfield home.

    She was so brutally murdered that Hall Ambulance paramedics were visibly traumatized at the scene.

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    Lengthy article.
    The Crime

    Heisey was 50 years old in the summer of 1998. She was principal of Browning Road Elementary School in McFarland, about 25 miles north of Bakersfield on Highway 99.

    She lived at 2016 Raymond A. Spruance Court, adjacent to a huge vacant field where the Panama Lane Lowe's Home Improvement store now stands.

    Late on the afternoon of June 29, 1998 she drove 10 minutes to the Bakersfield home of lifelong friend Lynn Runyan, also a teacher at the McFarland school. Runyan remembers that Heisey left just as the national news ended at 7 p.m. that Monday night.

    The next day – Tuesday – the always-dependable Heisey missed a school meeting. When she didn't show up on campus the day after that – Wednesday – office personnel in McFarland called Runyan in Bakersfield and asked her to check.

    It was about noon when Runyan got to Heisey's home.

    Outside, she found two days' newspapers on the porch.

    Inside, she found a blood bath.

    "There are absolutely no words to describe it," Runyan said. "I've been in therapy seven and a half years. I never even told my therapist exactly what I saw."

    Heisey was killed with a large knife, but she wasn't stabbed. "It wasn't a poking-type of stab wound," said Kevin Legg, who was the first homicide detective assigned to the case. "It was like an overhand into the upper torso, slash down until you hit bone and then you go right or left …

    "There was overkill," Legg said. "which indicated to me it was personal."

    "Extremely personal," said Greg Laskowski, now retired but supervising criminalist at the Kern County crime lab at the time.

    It gets worse.

    Legg and Laskowski believe Heisey was killed in the living room and her body dragged to her bedroom.

    There, two guns were inserted into her body – a sexual statement of defiance or rage or hatred, the investigators said.

    There were no witnesses.

    Nothing was stolen.

    There was no forced entry.

    No murder weapon was found and no knives were missing, leading to the conclusion the killer, as Legg put it, "brought their own tools" for the killing and took the weapons when they left.

    And whoever it was must have been strong, Laskowski said.

    "It was personal, and she knew her killer," Legg said.

    Possible Suspects

    Who could do such a thing?

    There are lots of theories. She was immensely popular in the small town where she was principal. There were a lot of guesses.

    Heisey was a fierce protector of the children at her school. Some speculate she reported child abuse to law enforcement, and earned the hatred of dangerous parents. Some people heard the Mexican Mafia might be involved.

    Another theory suggests Heisey might have been the victim of a serial killer. Michael Charles Brown, 41, is a serial rapist and convicted murderer on San Quentin's Death Row in connection with a series of Bakersfield crimes between 2000 and 2008. Although there is no known connection between Brown and Heisey, investigators have noted similarities in her death and several crimes known to have been committed by Brown.

    Heisey's son says he has no doubt who the killer is. He says he's known from the very beginning

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    Who does the son suspect the killer was?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brado View Post
    Who does the son suspect the killer was?
    Series of very lengthy and in depth articles and pics pertaining to this case!

    One of many, includes video...
    Timm Heisey Interview
    Basically my mom was an elementary school principal in the town of McFarland which is just 30 minutes north of Bakersfield, and she had a vice principal working for her and at one point she decided that it was in the best interest of all the staff and the children that he was no longer going to work there. She told him that she was writing a bad evaluation on him and when she presented it to him he flipped out and basically said, "if you submit that, that'll be the last thing you ever do." And then he said a curse word at the end.

    She came home just hysterical and several days later? she was stabbed to death in her own home.

    So yeah - it's frustrating to me that she was so worried to the point where me, I was home on leave, went to the neighbors and described the guy that had threatened her, before she was killed.

    Katey: I know that was a tough time. How old were you?

    Timm: I was 21.

    Katey: You were 21. When you heard about it what was your initial thought?
    Timm: So I was at Quantico at a Marine Corps base and it was 1 a.m. and the door was kicked open. Well, probably not kicked open, but it felt like that. And the commanding officer walked in and asked, "Who is Heisey?" And I stood and he said, "Okay grab your stuff and come with me." And he wouldn't say why we're leaving at 1 a.m.

    I just figured it was because I had been screwing off earlier in the gas chamber and had grabbed someone's gas mask and tossed it, and I thought, "Wow, they're really strict about discipline here." And we get to the general's office and I'm like, "Oh, dear, I'm going all the way." And so I was in combat boots and PT clothes. So we get to the commanding general and there was a rabbi with him, and so I realized okay someone died.

    The general said to me, "Son, your mom's been killed."

    And I knew as soon as he said it, the first words out of my mouth were the person's name and that he did it.

    Timm: Even the investigating police would tell me later on, man this guy, he's out to lunch, he has knives all over his house and he has a history of violence - and she was stabbed to death and stabbed so many times that it was quite clear this wasn't just a simple murder, this was done with a lot of vengeance and pent up rage.

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    Lloyd Wakelee

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZuzuBrandom View Post
    Lloyd Wakelee
    Welcome to Ws ZuzuBrandom!
    Maybe it is not too late to prove who killed Ms. Heisey?

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