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    MO - Addie Cook, 2, brutally murdered, House Springs, 16 May 2017 *Arrests*

    "Upgraded charge, more details in case against man in 'wrestling move' death of [her] 2-year-old" near St Louis MO

    19 y/o mom Cheyenne Cook & her 24 y/o BF lived together for SIX DAYS & she left 2 y/o daughter in his care.

    "Detectives found text messages to the victim’s mother, including a photo of “significant bruising along the left side of the victim’s face and forehead area” on May 13, with a message saying he caused the bruises by “playing too rough” with her, according to the documents.

    One of those messages read, “It’s insane how rough I am with her,” according to court documents."
    http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/c...6f1e4c7b6.html May 24

    RIP Baby Girl. Sad beyond words.

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    that's what Martin Martinez of Modesto said when he killed mom's son for a potty training accident. he later killed mom, his own kid and her other kid and his own mom and niece. so I call boolsheet.


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