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    Canada - David Wiebe, 13, Steinbach, MB, 23 July 1978

    RCMP still looking for boy's remains 38 years after he was murdered

    Posted May 25, 2017

    STEINBACH, Man. Ė RCMP have issued an appeal asking for the publicís help in finding the remains of a 13-year-old boy who vanished in July 1978.
    David Wiebe was last seen by his mother, riding away from his home in Steinbach, Man., on his bicycle.
    In December 1994, RCMP arrested Wiebeís friend Dale Goertzen when he was deported from the United States after serving 11 years in a Kansas prison for armed robbery.
    Goertzen pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in Davidís death and has been serving a life sentence ever since.
    However, Davidís remains have never been located and his siblings want to find them so he can be buried next to his parents.

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    On National Missing Children’s Day, the RCMP remembers David Bruce Wiebe
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    The unit is currently investigating almost 150 long-term missing persons cases in Manitoba that date back decades, said Sgt. Bobby Baker with the unit.

    "Manitoba is vast," he said. "For our long-term missing people … most of those are because of the vast wilderness that we have.
    "It's a bit of a needle in a haystack."
    Baker said members of the unit follow up with affected families to ensure DNA evidence and dental records are obtained where possible to help with investigations.
    'Wound that doesn't heal'

    He's been in touch with the Wiebes about the search for their son. Even after almost four decades, the family remains deeply hurt that David's body has never been found, Baker said.
    "Speaking with the family, it is painful and there is a wound that doesn't heal," Baker said.
    "Somebody is in jail and there is an answer about what happen but there's not closure there in finding David.

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    Having a little trouble finding David's stats, but one site, PL. lists them as... 4'11" (149.86cm)
    Weight: 119lbs (53.97kgs) with brown hair and eyes.
    The last time David's mother saw her young son, he was wearing faded blue jeans, an orange T-shirt with a green No. 23 on it and brown running shoes with orange trim

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    Very sad case...did that loser ever explain why he killed his friend? And -besides being a cruel psycho - why won't he tell them where David's body is?

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    RCMP notes Goertzen was a friend of Wiebe's and they were known to shoot targets together, but Goertzen denied any knowledge of Wiebe's whereabouts at the time.

    "The evidence wasn't there to make the arrest until 1983, that happened in Kansas City," notes Sergeant Baker. "Goertzen spent his sentence in the United States for a little over a decade and was deported to Canada in late 1994, December of 1994."

    Sergeant Baker says he was then arrested and in April 1995 he was sentenced for the second degree murder of David Wiebe, and he remains in jail to this date.

    He adds a life sentence in Canada is for the remainder of the individual's life, not just 25 years.

    "This particular case with David, it's difficult because one would hope that a clue may have come up like maybe his remains, part of his remains, clothing, or something like that. You would have hoped there would have been a sign of something at this period of time, and there hasn't."

    RCMP says neither his remains or the bicycle he was riding have ever been found. Sergeant Baker says there are pieces of evidence as to what happened the day of Wiebe's death, but it's hard to corroborate a story at this point due to not having enough information.

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