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    GA - Linda Mansfield, 72, Glynn County, 15 May 2017 *Arrest*

    Glynn County Police are asking for your help to find a missing 72 year old woman.

    Officers arrived at the home of Linda Mansfield on Tuesday and were unable to find her, but they found the circumstances of her disappearance suspicious and filed a missing persons report. The woman has been missing since May 15.

    Son of missing woman in jail for theft
    The 49-year-old son of a missing Glynn County woman is behind bars on charges of theft and forgery, crimes he is accused of committing against his elderly mother at their 103 MacKay Drive home, according a Glynn County Police report.

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    Her son has been arrested for forgery, etc... against his mother. She had been reporting her bank and an adult protective services worker (who reported her missing) that her son was stealing from her. The police did a search of her home and found that her cell phone and car were still there. Son states that she "always" forgets her phone and the car was still there because she had taken a trip to Savannah with a person known as "Glenda" who drove. Police have bee called to her home 5 times since Dec 2016.
    I hate to say it but this is sounding like an all too familiar story. I sure hope she is okay and just got away from the son.
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    Police announced Wednesday that John Rosevelt has been indicted on charges of malice murder, aggravated assault, felony murder, concealing the death of another, tampering with evidence, terroristic threats and two counts of making false statements.

    John Rosevelt's indictment indicated police found something in the home that led them to believe John had tried to remove his mother's blood and other fluids from inside the home.

    Her body is still missing.


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