Between 11 Nov - 5 Dec 1988, 3 gay men were murdered in
San Diego's Balboa Park. Balboa Park is a 1,200- acre urban cultural park.

On November 19th, 1988, 31-year-old David Siino, was found murdered. He was shot numerous times in an area known as Redwood Circle just off of Balboa Drive, north of Laurel Street. Six days later Edward Hope, 60 year old, would be found dead in a similar method on the western edge of the park, near California 163, near the on-ramp for Interstate 5 northbound. The third victim would be Brian Russell Poole, 36 years old, would be found dead on December 5th, 1988. He was found in a restroom near Marston's Point, in the 2300 block of 8th Avenue. The Torrington, Connecticut native was also found shot to death. Back when the murders occurred, it was believed that the three could have been connected due the lifestyles of some of the victims and the manner of homicide. The cases are considered cold and if you have any information about these slayings please call the San Diego County Crime Stoppers at (619) 531-2000.