February 11 2004-sharabia Thomas-body stuffed into two laundry bags in an alleyway in Bushwick, Brooklyn, DNA evidence under Sharabia's fingernails linked to Kwauhuru Govan

February 17 2005-Rashawn Brazell-His body was found dismembered in plastic bags along a subway track, DNA under Thomasís nails led to Govanís arrest in November 2016

Kings County John Doe-July 26, 2005 partial skeletal remains of a young male were found at a garbage recycling center on Masbeth Ave in Brooklyn, New York. Four days later on July 30, 2005 additional remains of the young male were found in a community garden along Stuyvesant Ave

body parts of another victim, a female, were found in the confines of the 81st Precinct two years later, in the summer of 2007