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    IA - Delores Sumpter, 27, Des Moines, 1 April 1978

    Delores Diane Sumpter


    Age last seen: 27

    Age now: 66
    Race: White female
    Hair color: Black
    Eyes Color: Blue
    Height: 62.0
    Weight: 125.0
    Clothing/Scars and Marks:
    Surgical scars on breast and abdomen. Appendix surgery. Was described as a "pretty girl" Went well dressed and wore a lot of make-up

    No photos disponible

    Delores Sumpter was reported missing to the Spirit Lake Police Department on April 1, 1978. Delores Sumpter was last known to be living at the YMCA and was to meet Family there. Delores left a note on the day of the arranged meeting stating, "Had gone to church, would be late." Delores never returned
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    I wonder ifDelores simply changed her name and chose to disappear. I ask this because Ihave checked Ancestry and on there is a record from the US Social Security andClaims Index for Deloris Diane Sumpter. Despite the slightly different spellingof Delores this clearly refers to the same person as it specifies a whitefemale, born in Centerville, Iowa on December 21 1950 – the DoB matchesDelores. Therefore it can be assumed that either the information on this recordis valid or Ancestry (and by extension US Social Security) have a false recordwhich seems unlikely. The information on the record is as follows;
    SSN: 480685129
    Death Date:3rd June 2003
    February1967: name listed as Deloris Diane Covington
    December1972: name listed as Deloris Diane Kafka
    May 1974:name listed as Deloris Diane Sumpter
    5thOctober 1977: name listed as Deedee Dawn Prater
    4thJan 1978: name listed as Deedee Dawn Hillig
    29thSept 1994: name listed as Gigi Diane Kaszko
    There is anotherrecord on Ancestry (with matching DoB of 21st December 1950) for amarriage of Deedee Dawn Sumpter to Robert Lee Hufford in Laclede Missouri on 4June 1976 and other possible records under various name variations. It doesseem that Delores may have had multiple aliases.
    I shouldhave said that I took Delores DoB originally from the record on http://z10.invisionfree.com/usedtobedoe/index.php?showtopic=65727
    I do notknow what all this means but it seems odd that LE did not check the index.

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