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    PA - Mr. Ziemba, Dec 2005

    Body of Man missing for two weeks found....

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    I would really like to know what the autopsy report shows. Do they think that this man just wandered away from his apartment and somehow drowned in the swamp or wherever he was found? Seems strange to me.

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    "Karpinski told police she had been speaking to her father just hours prior to the arrival of police, and said Ziemba was disoriented and confused because of medication he was taking. Police determined Ziemba had wandered away from the apartment after the phone conversation with Karpinski."
    This is one time I don't think foul play was involved, but I will say this ... why didn't the daughter go and physically check on her father after talking to him and knowing he was "disoriented and confused"? I know there were a few times when my mother didn't sound right on the phone, and as soon as we hung up I would be at her house to make sure she was OK. A couple of those times, I didn't feel comfortable leaving her alone and brought her home with me, and once even took her to the emergency room.

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