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    Violence = #1 cause of death of women in the world

    Deep rooted problem of violence against women
    December 25 2005 at 01:16PM

    Violence against women is one of the four major causes of death in the world today, along with disease, hunger and war, according to the head of a Swiss defence institute that recently published a major study titled Women in an Insecure World.

    Swiss Ambassador Theodor Winkler, director of the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, said the number of women who died because of gender-related violence, deprivation and discrimination was larger than the casualty toll in all the wars of the 20th century combined.

    "The deeply rooted phenomenon of violence against women is one of the great crimes of humanity," he said, in launching the study.

    Winkler said the 335-page study by 60 authors brought together for the first time data on violence against women in daily life, in war and post-conflict situations.

    The United Nations is also doing a study on the issue, which is expected to be published next year.

    "Violence against women is one of the four key reasons why women die on this planet, the other ones being war, hunger and disease," he said.

    "We need to confront the world with what it does in order to get enough political momentum to confront this issue."

    According to UN estimates, Winkler said, there were up to 200 million fewer women in the world than there should be, based on demographic data which showed that for every 103 boys born there were 100 girls.

    "If we have a population deficit globally of 200 million women, the reason why they are not here is simply that they have been killed," Winkler said.

    "It's as straightforward as that - and that's for gender-related reasons."

    More: http://www.int.iol.co.za/index.php?s...5526286C308424
    Rest in Peace to my best buddy and baby, Buster ~ He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Jan. 3, 2011. I miss you, Buster and love you with all my being.

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    Here is one that just rips me. Along with geishas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by concernedperson
    Here is one that just rips me. Along with geishas.
    That just "rips" you? Subliminal thoughts there - or did you say that purposely? Yeah, I read Memoirs of a Geisha a few months ago, and I had no idea that whole culture and "caste system", if you will, went on in Japan.

    I always thought Geishas were just these pretty ladies that dressed up and danced and served tea. I grew up so protected and naive.

    Of course in the U.S., it was just all more subtle - attitudes toward women. Like when I grew up they didn't have sports teams for girls, and you only wanted to grow up to get married first, then maybe a career. Things have slowly evolved, through the decades.

    Of course back to violent deaths - that's horrible, I assume some of it is wars and other things besides being murdered.

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    In China, little baby girls are routinly killed, abandonded.

    In ohter countries honour killings.

    In Mexico, violence against woment is routine.

    In a lot of South American countries men are considered macho if they kill a spouse or girlfriend that they think have cheated on them.

    Gun violence and domestic violence is of great porportions in the USA.

    In India, a women can be killed if she does not live up to the exacting standards of that culture. Often it is the husband's family that participates.

    With Honor killings, as you read Fathers kill daughters along with the participation of other family members.

    War is one aspect, women are killed and children left to die.

    But direct violence is a very high aspect to why 200 million women are not in this world today.

    Green River killer, serial killers, domestic violence, Robert Picton, Mark Lepine.

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    San Diego

    Father in Pakistan Kills His 4 Daughters

    Father in Pakistan Kills His 4 Daughters

    MULTAN, Pakistan Dec 25, 2005 A father, angry that his eldest daughter had married against his wishes, slit her throat as she slept and then killed three of his other daughters in a remote village in eastern Pakistan, police said Saturday.

    Nazir Ahmad, a laborer in his 40s, feared the younger girls, aged 4, 8, and 12, would follow in their sister's footsteps, police officer Shahzad Gul said.

    Ahmad surrendered to police after the killings late Friday in Burewala, about 70 miles east of Multan, a main city in eastern Punjab province, Gul said...

    Hundreds of women are killed in Pakistan every year, many by male relatives, after they are accused of staining their families' honor by having affairs or marrying for love without family consent.

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