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    OH - Joan Green, 72, raped & murdered, 16yo charged, 24 Dec 2005


    The 16 yr old lived in a group home for teen offenders that was located down the street.

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    This does nothing to encourage group homes for teen offenders. Not in MY neighborhood...

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    What a tragedy!

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    "Group homes" have no authority or control over the children they are charged with watching over. I know from first hand experience that these kids will often do as they please, walking away whenever they please with few or no consequences. I have no faith in our juvenile justice system whatsoever.

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    From August 2011:


    Christopher Tindall was 16 when he killed Joan Green, a 72-year-old mother of six, on Christmas Eve. She was beaten to death. Tindall had previously served almost two years in state custody for raping a 14-year-old girl...

    He was charged as an adult and pleaded guilty to murder last year. He is serving a life sentence in prison.

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