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    OK - Jesika Skinner, 15, Lexington, 16 April 2017

    Police Still Searching For Missing Lexington Girl

    Jesika Skinnerís family said she left her grandmotherís home on Easter after a family gathering. They said ten days later, she showed up on surveillance video at the Whole Foods in Oklahoma City off Western.

    They said Lexington Police told them Skinner is seen in the video with an another unidentified woman.

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    Are there any pictures of her with the woman at the Whole Foods? Does the two women in the picture look similar to one another?
    Any idea where her mother is? She was living with her grandmother and her father seems to be in the picture. I wonder if her mother could have snatched her up and given her a more "care free" life. Just a theory.

    This video is a compilation of her pas pictures with different hairstyles.

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    Nevermind the mother theory. I found her facebook. She has been posting updates and statuses to encourage her to come home.
    Jesika's middle name is Cheyenne and I have found a few websites where she has accounts but they haven't had activity in a year.

    I think it's weird that there hasn't been any recent activity on her accounts. I can't find any facebook or instagram accounts. Does she have one or has she changed her name to stay in touch with some of her friends?

    Seems like a nice girl. I hope she is alright and makes contact with her family soon.

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    I wonder if this is something she has done before or if something upset her at the family gathering? IMO

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    bump... where are you Jesika?

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