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    TX - Zayla Hernandez, 8 mos, drowned in bathtub, Reno, 13 June 2017 *Arrest*


    According to an arrest affidavit, Stuckey told a sheriff’s detective that while the baby was in the tub, she was on Facebook, messaging a neighbor who had accused her of stealing a package. The document also shows Stuckey used Facebook to discuss types of drug paraphernalia with someone else.

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    At the age of 21 she already had four children. Three children (if you follow the links the article) had been in foster care but returned to her in May. I guess what I am trying to say that it appears it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.
    Just my opinion

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    Absolutely sickening.

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    Disgusting. Cant say anything I'd like, but just pray the remaining children aren't placed with facebook-addicted families. I work with people who are on theirs all day long, have no clue how any meaningful work gets done.

    So sorry for little Zayla...
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    She must have been in a different room. This sounds crazy.

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    Ugh we had a similar case locally last summer. Mom left a preschool age child and an older infant in the bathtub upstairs while going downstairs and then letting herself get distracted with her phone. Didn't even register when the older child got himself out of the bath and came downstairs. I'd met the family at a work related picnic the week prior, and had held and fed the baby and the next week she was dead. Sweet little babies deserve better.

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    Some of these young mothers need to lose their social media accounts and start paying attention to their children. Personally, I cannot imagine being 21 years old and having four children. Who is supporting these kids?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mahoolin View Post
    Disgusting. Cant say anything I'd like, but just pray the remaining children aren't placed with facebook-addicted families. I work with people who are on theirs all day long, have no clue how any meaningful work gets done.

    So sorry for little Zayla...
    I am amazed how so many sit for hours and hours on any social media sites. It isn't just Facebook either. No wonder little children have tragic things happen to them including horrible things like this and many have to be grossly neglected. They aren't even being looked after like each young child requires. I don't understand how anyone can put social media site posting over looking after their own children. Some have to go without food as well. It breaks my heart to think of any child is being neglected because a parent would rather be on social media sites instead of taking care of them. WTH has happened to many parents that they are so inattentive to their babies/children and are honed in more on being on social media?

    Who in the heck has time to sit in front of a computer for hours anyway especially mothers and dads who have children in their home? I am retired and don't have children in our home anymore but I do have many things to do all through the day. I don't see how anyone can spend hours and hours online yet complete all of the necessary things that must get done everyday in their real life.

    When I do have my great grandchildren here I do not get on the computer at all and I even limit my phone calls making them short. They are given my undivided attention, and are my top priority. They deserve no less.

    How in the heck someone can forget all about a child in a bathtub is mind boggling to me. When small children are in the tub the parents/grandparents needs to remain with them at all times because so many tragic things can happen from drowning or getting hurt by falling and hitting their head. IMO
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    A baby or toddler in a bathtub requires a parent's undivided attention. The tub was still filling with water; where on earth was the mother not to notice the water level??

    IMO, social media isn't the only issue in this case. Drug use was also involved if the woman was discussing drug paraphernalia on SM. She may have had drugs in her system at the time. IDK. But, I've had drug dealers as neighbors in the past and their lives revolve around drugs--#1 priority in their lives.

    A young couple who lived next door to me (didn't look over 20 if even that old) had a toddler. He was about 2 by my estimation, but was very small for his age. One day his dad was looking for the little boy and approached me while I was in my car. I asked if he looked in the back play area; he said yes and I looked around the area for signs of the boy. The young man disappeared for a while, and then returned with the boy from across the street. Another time, the little boy came to my back door asking for "a piece of bread." I'd seen his mother on numerous occasions unloading groceries from the car, so I knew they had food. I thought the parents were teaching the boy to beg from neighbors so I told him I didn't have anything to give him. In the ensuing weeks and months, I realized the parents were dealing drugs and saw another pattern. There was constant activity next door with people coming and going throughout the day and night. Then, it would be deadly quiet for a couple of days before the activity started again. I later read that some drug addicts (like meth users) go on a 3-day binge where they do not sleep, and then sleep up to 48 hours straight. Then I felt ashamed for not giving the little boy something to eat when he came to my back door, because I realized he was probably going hungry while his parents slept.

    Parents cannot give higher priority to anything above their children--whether SM, drugs, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc. In this case, the woman was messaging a neighbor who accused her of stealing a package. If the accusation is true, the young mother may have been stealing to resell the merchandise for drug money. This was the focus of her life, not her children. MOO
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