Myth 1: Jessie confessed multiple times so he must be guilty

Explanation: First off, it IS possible to confess multiple times and be innocent. Just ask Chris Ochoa. Secondly, the state most likely DID meet Jessie off the books and either offer him a deal or threaten him (they tried to move him in February without informing his attorneys after the bible statement) and Jessie himself claims that the police told him Dan Stidham couldn't help him.

More importantly Jessie's confessions make no sense even when he's just "clarifying"

Myth 2: Jessie wasn't handicapped

Explantion: The kid was in a special eds class; in Arkansas (one of the poorer states) they try to avoid doing that so if Jessie was in there he had issues. The reason nons like to pretend this isn't the case is because it means Jessie could have been coerced, and makes the police (who nons usually worship) into outright *******s.

Myth 3: Jessie explained details that only the killer would know.

Explanation: First off, the whiskey bottle is a red herring. Only the head of the bottle was found and FOUR different brands had the same head.

Jivepuppi explains how numerous statements Jessie made were either already well known or were fed to him during interrogation

He also got key details wrong in EVERY single confession. Even after hearing his own trial he couldn't get basic details correct.

Myth 4: The three only accepted the plea because they must be guilty

Explanation: While nons might live in a dreamworld where the state is honorable, in practice they're anything but. Often they will fight tooth and nail to avoid admitting a cock up even if it means letting a murderer go free. In Clarence Brandley's case he was granted an appeal in 1987; the judge ruled that there was overwhelming proof that James robinson and Gary acremen were the ones who actually committed the crime Brandley was sentenced to die for. The judge (hardly a bleeding heart liberal) condemned the prosecutors and the judges who had previously handled the case as liars and racists. It took TWO years for Brandley's appeal to make it through the en banc panel and even then almost half the judges tried to downplay the state's actions and imply Brandley must be guilty. It took another year for the supreme court to finally agree to grant brandley a new trial, at which point the state finally backed off and freed Brandley. Nevertheless they refused to charge James Robinson and Gary Acreman despite compelling proof of their guilt because they insisted Brandley was guilty.

In all honesty even if the three HAD won a new trial in the hearing the state STILL would have dragged it out for as long as possible and in all likelihood refused to indict Hobbs or any other potential suspects. Given the circumstances the deal was all they could hope for.

Myth 5: No new evidence has surfaced. They must be guilty.

Explantion: See above. It's entirely possible that they DID submit proof and were told to go to hell. Or they want an absolute slam dunk to get over the state's obstinance.

Myth 6: Jessie's inconsistencies were because he was drunk.

Explanation: So they were able to at night while there were mosquitos clean up blood vomit upturned grass bootprints fingerprints and hair....while they were drunk and get rid of beer bottles AND make it home by foot without someone noticing bloodstained people?

In the end it's a heartbreaking case, but the ugly truth is that the police ****ed up. The boys, for all their flaws, were not murderers. Unfortunately this is uncomfortable for cop apologists so they try to pretend otherwise.