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    CA - Maiya Phakhin, 3, found dead, Rancho Cordova, 28 June 2017 *Arrests*

    A woman and her boyfriend were arrested on child endangerment charges in connection to the death of the woman’s 3-year-old daughter, whose body was found in the back seat of a sport-utility vehicle by police. Angela Phakhin, 27, and Untwan Smith, 46, both of Arkansas, were booked into Sacramento County on charges related to the little girl’s death. Phakhin and Smith are each being held on $1 million bail and are scheduled to be arraigned Friday....

    There were no obvious signs of trauma to the child’s body, according to sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Tony Turnbull. Detectives from the sheriff’s child abuse bureau and county coroner’s deputies were called to the scene. The coroner will determine the cause of the girl’s death. Additional charges are possible after the coroner’s investigation.

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    wow that is an unlikely duo and what were they doing here?

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    this story makes me feel more sad than mad for some reason... My guess is this was an accidental death and mom and dad both need some help. Not excusing at all, nor blaming, just sharing sympathy for the sad things that happen in our world.
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    Charges upgraded to murder:

    Angela Phakhin, 27, and Untwan Smith, 46, of Arkansas, were initially taken into custody Wednesday on charges of child endangerment and conspiracy, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department said. During their arraignment Friday, prosecutors charged the pair with murder.
    Maiya’s cause of death is unknown. The Sacramento County Coroner’s Office said it would take weeks to determine it.

    No other details were released.

    Not much info being released. It's hard to tell if the upgraded charges come from an autopsy or from further investigation. The couple had been living in the SUV since February.

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