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    CA - Lest we forget: Danielle Van Dam, 1 February 2002

    I remember when this case was in the news. My friend, who is a true crime buff recently reminded me of Danielle. Hearing about her again makes me want to cry. Poor child killed by somebody she thought was a friend. My friend--know as Keke--designed a web site for Danielle ( There she has graphics and pictures.

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    Info from

    Danielle was born on September 22, 1994 in Texas. Her mother Brenda Van Dam is a stay-at-home mom and her father Damon Van Dam is software engineer for Qualcomm. Her parents have been married for 13 years and she has two brothers Dylen and Derrick.

    Danielle lived in the Sabre Springs area during the night of February 1,2002. Her mother, Brenda, had planned a night out with some girlfriends while Damon van Dam agreed to stay home with Danielle and her two brothers. When Brenda van Dam's friends arrived at the family home, the adults drank beer and at one point, ducked into the garage to share a joint. Then Brenda and her friends set out for a local bar.

    The last time Damon van Dam saw his daughter, she was falling asleep in her four-poster bed with a toothy grin on her face and Mickey Mouse earrings dangling from her ears. As her father planted a goodnight kiss on her forehead that Friday, few places seemed safer than Danielle's lilac and pink bedroom in her family's upscale home in suburban San Diego.


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    We will never forget Danielle. She is the reason I came here three years ago. This website was absolutely great about gathering information and clues, and following the trial and seeing that justice was done. She was a beautiful girl, and I admire her family for sticking their necks out no matter what the cost to see that her killer was brought to justice. God bless Danielle.

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    I didn't really follow the trial and hadn't discovered web sites like this when Danielle was murdered. I really started following trials and cases when Laci went missing. I had heard about Danielle's murder though on the news.

    I've listened to Brenda talk on different programs and have gotten to know Danielle through her mom. A heartbreaking story. I'm so glad that creep is sitting on death row.

    I don't think that Danielle will ever be forgotten. She is one that reached out and touched an awful lot of people.

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    It's hard to believe that 4 years have passed since Danielle disappeared...

    Last year at my daughter's birthday party, 1 weekend before the Anniversary of when she was kidnapped, the doorbell upstairs went off 3 times, once for each year Danielle has been missing, no one was up there, and no explaination why it went off...

    other than a wonderful little angel we will never forget...

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    My friend and I sure won't forget Danielle. Here's a collage my friend designed for her. My friend's picture is on the collage--I really don't know why. I asked her why she put her picture there but she gave no real answer.

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    It appears Websleuths HAS forgotten about DVD. Where are the posts, the info?
    This is a terrible case. The bahavior of the killer must be preserved to apply in future cases.
    The G

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    I don't think WS has forgotten about Danielle. This forum has been around since 1997, but the earliest posts that are available to read are from 2003. There probably was a lot of discussion about the Van Dam case when it was happening, but those posts aren't available anymore. Danielle's case was solved nine years ago, and is not considered a mystery, so that would explain the lack of discussion about it.

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    I don't think Websleuths ever forgot about Danielle. At the time Websleuths was very much into the crime and following trial.

    There were so many things about this case and the personalities surrounding it that struck us close to home and made us become closer and more keen on justice.

    What you see in this photo is a quilt hand made by members of Websleuths for Danielle's family. Quilt squares came from all over the world and I had the pleasure of putting them together like this. It was then given to Mrs Van Dam as a comfort quilt. Each square was lovingly made from Danielles favorite colors of Purple and Pink and showed her love of ballet and animals among other things.

    Back then, as now. WS was a committed group of caring individuals.

    (Now, don't get me started on DHP!!!)

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    Actually I brought up the mother of Danielles murderer during the CA trial because I never forgot her. She was a very quiet woman, and took the bus to the trial of her son every day. SHE TOOK THE BUS?!!! The media didn't hound her, and she never sought them out to say a word about her murdering son. She knew the truth and suffered silently. It came down to a hair, Danielles handprint on DW's headboard in the motor home and an adult niece of DW recalling how he came into her room one night when she was a child and rubbed her teeth while she was sleeping.

    I will never forget Danielle or the trial and I wonder if the Pinellas 12 would have found him not quilty too.
    God Bless Jorelys

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    I will never forget DVD! I often wonder how the family is holding up. Last I heard they moved out of the home, and Damon is still working at QUALCOMM. I don't know if they are still together, but hope so. Last time I saw Brenda she was attending an event for Chelsea's light.


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