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Thread: NC - Charles Edward Lucas, July 2005

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    NC - Charles Edward Lucas, July 2005

    This is so tragic for the family - read the article, they searched for him everywhere!

    Its a lesson to all of us.... if you see an accident on the road, don't just call 911 - MAKE SURE THE PEOPLE ARE OK!

    Charles Edward Lucas, who had been missing since July 20, was found dead Tuesday in his truck about 60 feet off the road on westbound I-40

    Several men spotted the truck, which had rolled down a steep embankment, while looking for deer, officials said.

    An accident was reported at the same mile marker on eastbound I-40 Business, also on July 20, but the caller didn't stop or identify the vehicle involved.
    Accidents occur frequently in that area.

    Billy Livingston, operations manager for Guilford County EMS, said his department responded to the July call and searched the area for 23 minutes -- driving both east and west -- but found no sign of an accident.

    "We can't confirm it's the same incident anyhow," Livingston said. "The reason I suspect that it may not have been the same is that people generally know which way they're going."

    "The caller didn't stop, and that's the problem we have," he said.

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    how horrible for his family to have to go through that!!

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    I live about 15 miles west of here. I cannot believe that they only looked for this accident for 23 minutes. This area is relatively flat and would not be hard to search on foot. How sad that some cases get so much attention with search parties and media exposure and others do not. I have to say that I would not want to go missing in my town. A 76 year old lady went missing here a few months back and it warranted was 2 articles in the newspaper. No search parties, very little media attention and a seemingly cold lack of concern.

    Rest in the arms of the Angels Charles.

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    I wonder if there was a chance that Charles could've been saved had someone found him sooner? Do you think he died fairly quickly?
    I'm not familar with that area, and of course don't know if the truck had flipped, rolled over, etc. Was there no smoke?

    This is sad.

    Prayers for his family.
    May he rest in peace.
    Rest in Peace to my best buddy and baby, Buster ~ He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Jan. 3, 2011. I miss you, Buster and love you with all my being.

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    I broke down on a well traveled highway once. Someone did stop and called it in for me. It was below zero that night, with wind chill it was 12 below zero. I was afraid to get out and walk, it was so cold and no near houses. I was afraid to get into the car with the guy who stopped. I was just on the county line. He called into the sheriff's dept. and told them, and they searched the highway- just up to the county line- I was just across the line and around a curve in the road, in the other county. Even though the guy stopped and called it in right away, I was there for over an hour, before a state patrol came along. Everyone knew the county line was there, but the county that did the check did not bother to call the other county to see if they would check their side of the county line. The guy that stopped was the only one to stop and the only one to call it in also.
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    Here's another thing, make sure that it was actually an accident! A couple months ago one of my fiance's friends had a flat tire and we came upon them along a highway and we called AAA for them and sat around and waited with them til the tow truck came. I guess someone thought we were in an accident (how hard would it've been to ASK US since we were all sitting outside?!) and called 911. Police, a fire engine and an ambulance all arrived for nothing because it was only a flat tire. Their time was wasted and they could've been somewhere else.

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    I knew a girl who was coming back, with her husband, from a ski trip. They were on a well lit, 6 lane hiway, but it was late at night, in January, and there were few people on the road.

    There was a car that came onto the hiway, from one of the entrance ramps. Since they were going faster, and there were two other lanes to choose from, they simply went around the car.

    The guy didn't like this for some reason. He stomped the gas and started to pass them. As soon as his back bumper cleared their car, he sharply veered into their lane! They figure it was Road Rage for some reason.

    Anyway the only place they had to go was off the side of the road! Problem was there was a steep embankment and their car ended up tumbling over and over....

    At the bottom they ended up upside down. She couldn't awaken her husband so she got out of the car herself, climbed on her hands and knees to the top (she said it felt like it took forever) and waited for a car.

    When cars finally, sporatically, came by, she ran out to them, with hands raised, as in "Stop! Stop!". She was very disheveled... her own car could not be seen... and no people were allowed on the hiway, plus there were no houses nearby... so people just swerved away from her, thinking she was a nutcase!!!!!!

    Finally someone called the police and said that "A crazy woman was walking on the hiway and running after cars". The police checked it out and found her!

    The reason she couldn't wake up her husband was because he was dead

    They figure for those few minutes they had been the only cars on the stretch of hiway. The guy who caused the accident most likely never realised how bad it was, as its an unusual spot and extremely steep... also any cars passing, even minutes later, would not be aware that a car was possibly down there as there was very little disturbed at the roadside.

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    omg how horrible...I'd stop as long as my doors were locked and my window was down just a crack to talk to them. I once stopped and helped this guy jump his car in broad daylight on a busy highway and I got hell for months from my mom because she didn't think I should've helped him. I felt so bad for the guy! He was standing by the highway holding up his jumper cables and no one was stopping. After I talked to him I found out he was trying to go to the car dealer up the road to get his van fixed.

    Happiness...consists in giving, and in serving others.
    - Henry Drummond

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    I would just like to know why someone would search for 23 miutse but not bother to get out of their car and shine a light to check?
    Find Brian Shaffer!!

    Janet Christiansen, Kaiden, and Family, justice WILL prevail!


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