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    MS - Carey 'Jonathan' LeBatard, 28, Rankin County, March 2002

    An inmate let police to a grave of a 28 year old person, who was killed in March 2002, in Mississipi. The victim had been buried in an existing grave.

    Name of victim not yet released:


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    His name is Jonathan Lebatard..the above link you posted is updated.

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    Thanks Petra. I did a search and could not see any listing on any missing person site.

    At least his family knows where he is.

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    From December 2005:


    The body unearthed in a rural Warren County cemetery this week was that of a Rankin County man killed by his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend and another man in March 2002.

    Further, Pennington said, no one had reported the victim missing and the death likely would have remained unnoticed had those involved not spoken up...

    Walter Brewer, 30, Duke Road, Utica, and Chad Murry, 37, King’s Cove, Florence, are now charged with the murder.

    LeBatard’s girlfriend, Renee Curlee, 31, Poplar Springs Road, Florence, was charged with accessory after the fact.
    Chad Murray was sentenced to a total of 25 years for manslaughter and other charges, per Mississippi DOC:


    Couldn't find Walter Brewer in there, but I did find a mugshot page that says he got 10 years for manslaughter, tentative release in 2014:


    Couldn't find anything on Renee Curlee.

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