Skull remains unidentified three years after its discovery

In September 2014, kayakers who had been in the North Creek just above Virgin, found a human skull, according to police. The skull was found a day after heavy rain had flooded the area. When searchers went back to the area, more remains, including a pelvis, were found.

The state medical examiner determined the remains belonged to a white man, between 35 to 45 years old, between 5-foot-6 and 6-foot-1, who likely died sometime between 2009 and 2014. The man also had "well-healed fractures to his nose and skull and poor dental work," according to a press release from Springdale police.

A report from the medical examiner's office concluded the fractures were caused either by "a blunt force blow to the right side of the head or the head hitting a blunt object during a fall."

But there were no reports of missing people in the area. And Wright said he doesn’t remember any unsolved cases that would match this.
DNA from the skeletal remains sent to Texas has not gotten a hit on any databases, including national systems for missing people.
Pictures of the Skeletal Remains and location they were found at link: