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    Shirley Oaks Home. Croydon

    I am editing this to include a trigger warning as I know there will be some reading who might need this.

    I just do not quite know where on the forum this would go but I just feel like I am reeling having learned of yet another friend who is a SOSA survivor. I knew them after they had been moved from the Shirley Oaks home. In fact I had several friends there.

    Yesterday, I began looking at links and somehow Kevin Hicks name appeared. Shirley Oaks home was closed in 1983 and Kevin did not disappear till 1986 but it got me thinking. Lee Boxall? Connection to youth clubs?

    Shirley Oaks is in fact not a huge distance from where Kevin was seen walking. A fair walk, but one I have done myself. Basically, Shirley is just above Addiscombe. One wonders how many pedophiles lived around Addiscombe...


    This pedophile ring was covered up. It involved almost every authority. It was huge. I really doubt it ever went away. Croydon is still known as a place where there are a lot of sexual predators even now. Just now I read a Facebook post claiming it has the highest number of rapes in the country.


    Anyway, this is really shocking and I was surprised I could not find anything already on Websleuths.



    I really do not quite know what I am trying to say here. I am glad these victims are finally getting compensation. I don't think it will be justice till every single person who hurt them is found and put away (if they are still alive.)

    My daughter went to school with one of the guys involved in I really hope there is some other explanation for his disappearance.

    (geographically, Addiscombe and Shirley are next to each other and suburbs of Croydon.)
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