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    LA - Tonya Allbritton Herrington, 20, pregnant, Wisner, 7 June 1996

    Tonya Michelle Allbritton Herrington, 20 yrs, Wisner, LA, Franklin Parish, Last Seen on:06/07/1996 at 10:30pm parking lot of Sweet's Bar in Tensas Parish.

    PHOTOS LOCATED AT FACES SITE - I was unable to "see" the 'ok, upload' button on my cell phone in the pop-up window, in order to 'add' the photos in this post

    D.O.B. 12/27/1975 (20 YRS OLD at Disappeance)
    MISSING SINCE: 06/07/1996
    MISSING FROM: Wisner, LA (Franklin Parish/Residence & Tensas Parish/Bar where last seen & vehicle located)
    GENDER: Female
    RACE: White/Caucasian
    EYES: Green
    HEIGHT: 5'5" (67 inches)
    WEIGHT: 130lbs
    SCARS/MARKINGS: Prominent Scar inside RIGHT Thigh; Scar Cheek and Face; Pierced Ears (d)
    CLOTHING: T-Shirt and Shorts (d)
    JEWELRY:Keychain with Wooden "Tonya", Pepper Spray, Panda Coin Ring, Wisner High School Ring, Engagement Ring(d)
    DENTAL: Available
    DNA: Available
    AGENCY CASE No:96-0600054
    AGENCY/JURISDICTION: Franklin Parish Sherriff's Office
    AGENCY PH# (318) 435-4505
    AGENCY EMAIL: info@franklinsherriff.net


    URL TO MAIN FACES DATABASE: http://www.identifyla.lsu.edu
    LAST SEEN at 10:30PM, June 07, 1996, talking to friends outside of Sweet's Bar. 1987 Champagne colored Oldsmobile found 3 days after disappearance parked behind a garage next to the bar, locked (her purse and keys missing and not inside).(b)

    1. Tonya Michelle Allbritton Herrington, Nickname: T-90 (Missing) (b)
    2. Brad Herrington (Husband/Spouse - 33yrs old)(b)
    3. Sherri Braswell (Mother)
    4. Lisa Allbritton Sherman (Aunt)(c)
    5. Nicole Swartwout (Friend, 23yrs old)(b)
    6. Jimmy Neatherly (Caldwell Parish, Private Investigator)(b)
    7. Steve Pylant (Franklin Parrish Sheriff at time of disappearance)(b)
    8. Jeff Britt (Tensas Parish Sheriff, where Sweet's bar was located, at the time of disappearance.)

    I came across Tonya's case in the, Louisiana Repository for Unidentified and Missing Persons Database (FACES). Why I ran across her profile is irrelevant; however, I felt compelled to post her disappearance details here on WS for several reasons.

    First of all, what really struck me about Tonya's case was:
    1) She was around my age (just a bit younger), and mist females around our age are familiar with 'Glamor Shots' photos, which were quite popular back at that time. So, I think that her Glamor Shots pic initially caught my eye. Although I never took one as they weren't my cup of tea. Regardless, because of that and other aspects, I identified, or at least, empathized with her. (a)
    2)At the time of her disappearance, she was 5 1/2 MONTHS PREGNANT! (a)
    3)She disappeared from a VERY SMALL TOWN (Wisner, LA, in Franklin Parish, approximate population of 1,400 people at the time). To put how small of a town, Wisner, LA was the time of her disappearance, Wisner only had one grocery store.(b)
    4) Plus, if you look at Google Maps, you'll see, that this was a small town with pretty much NOTHING but a whole lot of green around it, and is not exactly right off any highway either, so it wasn't a place that should have had a lot of transient traffic.
    5) There was a history of domestic violence between Tonya and her husband, Brad. (b)
    6) According one of the articles listed below, I believe it was the detective who stated that, Tonya's astranged husband (they were seperated at the time of her disappearance, with Tonya staying at her mother's mobile home), was reportedly out of town in the south working, during the time of Tonya's disappearance.

    [Poster's Note to Follow in next post]...

    a) Louisiana Repository for Unidentified and Missing Persons (FACES:308): https://www.identifyla.lsu.edu
    b) The Town Talk, Alexandria, LA Newspaper, August, 23, 1997, Page 28, "Woman's Disappearance Continues Haunting Wisner"
    c) FACEBOOK PAGE DEDICATION to Tonya Michelle Allbritton-Herrington:
    d) Listing, "Tonya Herrington", on Find the Missing Database entered 12/22/2009, NAMEUS MP#:4129
    https:// www.findthemissing.org/cases/show/4129
    E) Listing, "Tonya Michelle Allbritton Herrington", on The Doe Network, Added:07/16/2013, Last Updated: 12/03/2013, Number:3348DFLA, Contact: Hether Belusky at hetherbelusky(at)doenetwork.org
    F) North American Missing Persons Network: http://www.nampn.org/cases/herrington_tonya.html
    G) Listing for Tonya M. Herrington, National Missing Person Directory: http://www.missingin.org/reg2418/ton...herrington.htm

    --- Not sure why I have duplicate lettering, but since I don't recall, I'm leaving it in for now. ----

    G) Whereabouts Unknown, Tonya Michelle missing listing (linked to h below for further information).
    H) Unsolved Mysteries Website, Missing Person Post Request for any Information, dated 11/14/2001 6:58p.m. Posted by 46883
    The TRUTH WILL OUT & THERE WILL BE A RECKONING, in this Life or the Next!!!

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    B]POSTER's NOTE[/B]:
    I'm going to apologize to the MOD's and my fellow WS's if I make any mistakes within or how I do this post, I have read over the rules, but, I this is my 1st Missing Persons posting. Also, I gathered the info quite a while back. When I first attempted to post this somehow it was eaten (I believe my log-in time ran out), so i then had to rebuild it all in another notes app 1st), so I'm not as fresh on the details as I was back at the time. However, all People listed, and info comes from the source websites below, and news articles as listed in the public domain, on the internet. The Town Talk Newspaper article is oddly smashed together and jumbled; however, the information is all there, and you need only piece it together while ignoring the other article info smashed together in between the pieces, from the other articles that all run together with it.

    Also, you'll find that as of the date of this posting, this is the most extensive listing of data regarding her case. Unfortunately, the databases listed under resources each hold various pieces of data, but not the complete listing. However, I hope to rectify that with sent emails, etc. to the database administrators, case mgrs.so, just be aware when visiting those sites, until they are updated. You'll note that there were 'rumors' on other sites stating some believed she may have take off from an abusive relationship, but if I recall correctly, the detective did not believe that theory, and neither do I, knowing how abusive relationships work, and from all I've read, she didn't seem to be in a mental nor emotional place where she was ready to walk away permanently. Plus, you have to take into consideration that she was 5 1/2 mrhs pregnant and hormonal at the time she disappeared, which doesn't lend itself to being mentally nor emotionally on even ground. However, I do believe that the area she lived in had far too many wildnerness areas, that would make recovery or even stumbling upon finding of a person if out there, difficult and not likely. I believe in two scenerios, 1) premeditated, 2) spur of the moment, heat of the moment situation in which she found heralef and was unprepared. I hope she is one day found and returned to her loved ones, who truly loved her. --- Curiosityscat
    The TRUTH WILL OUT & THERE WILL BE A RECKONING, in this Life or the Next!!!

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