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    MT - Man confesses to biting children

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    Central Texas
    I'd like to throw him a room with 2 angry pit bulls. He'll know what getting bitten feels like!!!

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    Yup. That's what I was taught. If you want to make kids go to sleep, bite the chit out of them.

    What an effing moron.

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    No doubt and this gem doesn't even try and conceal it. I wish all perps were this stupid! "Sure I did it officer! And boy did I do it good!". AAAHHHHH!!!!!

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    Who is this guy, and why was he left in charge of two babies overnight?

    Where were the parents, and why do people leave children with guys like this? Overnight?

    What a strange guy, and it might be fortuitous that he left marks that were bizarre enough to catch LE's attention. If they just had regular abuse bruises, would anyone have stopped him?


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