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    Texas teen died while using cellphone near bath July 2017.


    Madison Coe, 14
    A Texas family is mourning the loss of a teenage girl they say died suddenly from electrocution Sunday morning in the bath.

    Madison Coe’s family told NBC’s Lubbock affiliate KCBD this week the 14-year-old died while apparently fidgeting with her cellphone.

    It’s believed Coe was in the process of plugging in her phone or picking up her charging cellphone when she was electrocuted.
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    Thats a sad story. However, the media headlines are a bit misleading. Sort of click-bait headlines they are all using. It wasn't the cellphone that electrocuted her, it was the charger which was still plugged into the wall outlet. She might as well have dropped a toaster into the bath with her. People need to remember that if its plugged into a wall charger, that cellphone is just like any other electrical appliance.

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