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    CT - West Haven, Man killed in roller coaster accident, Jul'39

    I am an amusement park nut and stumbled upon this while launching a campaign to save a ride at my local park believe it or not. This is a very bizarre story. Don't know if it's solvable (if it hasn't been already). Might be a good one for someone with a newspapers.com account (I don't have one).

    A few things to note:

    This article is from the New London Day 7/17/39. THE DATE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE 2nd PAGE IS WRONG.

    Savin Rock was a very large amusement park in West Haven, CT that closed in the 1960's. Surprisingly, there was VERY little info online about it until recently. It had MANY coasters, probably over a dozen at one time or another during its existence. I am not sure which coaster is being referred to in the article. The only racing coaster I am aware of that the park had was believed to have closed in the 1920's.
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