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    IA-Just a glitch? Or a botched missing person database in Iowa?

    After reading this wonderful article http://www.messengernews.net/top_stories_full.asp?3675
    about Missing Person Greg Howell, and the initiative to build a missing person's Statewide database in Iowa, I thought I'd check out the web pages they spoke about.

    They didn't provide a link in the article so I fired up google and quickly found it: www.dps.state.ia.us/mpic/howellg.htm

    First of all I couldn't get it to connect. I then used google's cache option and the page loaded without the images (page archived as of Dec 29th). I was then able to view Greg Howell's stats, but not any images. I think that may have been a good thing because the photo, that's supposed to be Greg Howell, is tagged as "Missing Disabled Adult - Julia Prather".

    How awful for the family to be directing people to this site and it doesn't work. When it is working, will a photo of a woman come up on Greg Howell's page? As an aside, the link at the bottom of the page "Return to Iowa Missing Person Home Page" doesn't work either because its listed as a "file", not a URL.

    So Greg Howell's family got some publicity about his disappearance. They are trying to get the word out, but unfortunately no one bothered to check the web page they talked about!

    Perhaps I'm being too harsh... it might only be a glitch... its still a shame though that they haven't registed him at some of the other sites available!

    P.S. I did send them an email telling them about the article and the problem accessing the page. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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    I didn't receive anything back from them, but the site is fixed (more than one of the errors) and its his pic (I'm assuming) that came up - its still labeled as a woman (in the alternate text field) but few people will notice that!

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    This is the main link for the IA state clearinghouse:

    It has been known to be problematic in the past. The fact that they did not staff it adequately was a part of the problem. The other part was poor reporting by local agencies.

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