25 years later, city homicide remains unsolved
Patrick Foley remembers kneeling by the frozen body of Angela Belisle.

It was Jan. 3, 1981. Foley, a detective with the Burlington Police Department, had been called out to investigate the discovery of a woman's body lying outside her apartment at 62 Brookes Ave. on a sub-zero Saturday morning.

The passer-by who discovered Belisle lying face-up by the driver's side of her car told police the body in the snow looked like a dummy, a mannequin.

Now, as Foley knelt with state Medical Examiner Eleanor McQuillen by Belisle's body, he understood what the passer-by meant. There were no signs of a struggle, no flurry of footprints in the snow. Maybe she had just slipped and hit her head, he thought.

"Then I looked more closely and noticed a speckling of blood on her cheek," Foley recalled.

Moments later, Foley knew he had a homicide on his hands. Belisle, 35, an attractive, blonde mother of three and a University of Vermont graduate student, had been shot twice, once in the head and once by a shot that had grazed the top of her skull.

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