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    28-year-old woman strangled in her apartment on New Year's Eve

    "Mommy died," said Sun Annís son George.

    Sue Ann Crossman's son George is just 4-years-old. He doesn't understand why she had to die but he knows she's gone.

    "For the first time, he saw his Mommy's picture on the TV. And he went up to the TV. And grabbed at the picture and said, that's my Mommy. I want her back," said Sue Annís stepmother, Esther Crossman.

    On New Years Eve, Syracuse Police were dispatched to 307 Columbus Ave to answer the call of an unconscious person. That's when they found 28-year-old Sue Ann Crossman 0dead on her apartment floor. At the time, her cause of death was not disclosed.

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    That is so wierd about her being afraid of her neighbors. I wonder what the whole story is on these neighbors and them bothering her.


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