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    CA - Kim Allen, 19, Santa Rosa, 4 March 1972

    Kim Wendy Allen
    DOB: 22 September 1952
    Place of birth: Oakland CA
    Education: Graduate, Ursuline High School, Santa Rosa

    Kim Allen was a student at Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa CA, and was accustomed to hitchhiking during her daily life. Although warned about the dangers of hitching rides by both her mother and a favorite college instructor, she ignored them. It is unknown how the double disappearance of Maureen Sterling and Yvonne Weber http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...light=Sterling on 4 February 1972 affected her.

    At about 5 PM on 4 March 1972, Kim left her job at a health food store in Larkspur CA. She was wearing an aluminum-framed backpack and carrying a large wooden soy sauce barrel labeled with red Chinese characters. She was hitchhiking home to 2298 Guerneville Road, Santa Rosa, or to college. Two men stopped and gave her a ride north to San Rafael, well short of her home. They last saw her at the Bell Street freeway entrance to Highway 101.

    Her body was found 8 miles southeast of SantaRosa at about 2 PM on 5 March 1972 by a pair of 17 year old boys riding their motorcycles. They were riding on Enterprise Road, between Bennett Valley and Sonoma Mountain Roads when they spotted a nude female body face down in the creek at the bottom of a 20 foot embankment. Investigating officers concluded she had been murdered elsewhere and dumped over the side of the road from a car. She had been raped; semen was recovered from her corpse. Because she had yet to be reported missing, there was a slight lag in identifying Kim. However, the men who gave her a ride were found. After one of them passed a polygraph test, both were cleared of the murder.

    Kim had been wounded on the left clavicle. She had also been bound hand and foot. Her cause of death was strangulation by ligature. She had been slowly and tortuously asphyxiated for about half an hour on Saturday night/Sunday morning. One earring was found with her remains; the other was missing.

    A possible slip mark atop the embankment above the dump site led LE to believe the perpetrator may have fallen while discarding the body. There was an imprint in the soft dirt about ten feet below the slip mark. The imprint was about a foot long and 14 inches deep. Medical facilities were alerted to this possible leg injury.

    The Sonoma County Sheriff's Office put 10 detectives to work investigating the case.

    Kim was cremated on 17 March 1972.


    SR Hitchhiker Murder website: http://www.santarosahitchhikermurders.com/allen.php

    Death certificate: http://www.santarosahitchhikermurder...s/allen_dc.pdf

    Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 6 March 1972: http://www.santarosahitchhikermurder...oman_found.pdf

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    Santa Rosa Press Democrat?, 9 March 1972: http://www.santarosahitchhikermurder...be_injured.pdf

    Santa Rosa Press Democrat?, 10 March 1972:

    Santa Rosa Press Democrat?, 12 March 1972:

    Santa Rosa Press Democrat?, 13 March 1972: http://www.santarosahitchhikermurders.com/articles.php

    Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_...hhiker_murders

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    SR Hitchhiker Murder thread

    The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders are at

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    Possible (dead) suspect

    After an art instructor at Santa Rosa JC died in a car crash, drawings of Kim Allen were found in his belongings. Because he portrayed her in bondage and discipline scenarios, some LE believe he may have murdered Kim.

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