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    Websleuths Radio Sunday 8/6/17 FBI Profiler Peter Klismet/Susan Winters Case

    Former FBI profiler Pete Klismet's resume reads like a Hollywood movie script except it is all real. Here, Peter Klismet has accomplished so much I can't list it all here but please look for yourself


    See what I mean? Pete Klismet knows his stuff and he is sharing all his thoughts with us this Sunday, August 6th at 8 PM Eastern.

    Mr. Klismet will discuss the Michelle Carter suicide by text case, the latest with Abby and Libby's case, why he can't discuss the Dylan Redwine case, and much more.

    Later in the show, we will hear from Susan Winters family. Susan Winters was a Las Vegas attorney and was married to Dr. Brent Dennis, a psychologist. On the morning of Jan 3, 2015, Susan's family received a phone call from Brent

    saying that Susan drunk antifreeze and wasn't expected to make it. The "investigation" by Henderson PD left a lot to be desired. The investigators said Susan committed suicide and case closed. But not for Susan's family.

    You'll hear how Susan's family made authorities take another look at this case and change her death from suicide to murder. Her husband Dr. Brent Dennis faces a murder trial and all because Susan's family didn't give up.

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