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    Eric Bolling suspended from Fox News for sending lewd image to female colleagues

    "Fox News said Saturday that it has suspended Eric Bolling, the co-host of its late-afternoon news program 'The Specialists,' while it investigates allegations he sent a lewd photo to co-workers.

    The network said in a statement that Bolling 'has been suspended pending the results of an investigation' into claims that he sent unsolicited images of his genitals to three female Fox News employees several years ago,The Huffington Post reported Friday evening.

    Fox News said that an investigation 'is currently underway,' with attorney Paul Weiss leading the proceedings.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz4owYjz5hM

    I'm shocked by this if it's true what a stupid thing to do and destroy your career.
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    Are there any Fox News guys who haven't been accused of bad sexual behavior?

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    Fox News’ Eric Bolling Responds to Suspension Following Sex-Harassment Accusations

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    Fourteen anonymous sources confirmed this to the reporter who wrote the original story. Another woman, a college professor who has been a regular guest on Fox went public with her story on Saturday.

    Could it be something in the water there at Fox?

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    My friend, widowed 12 yeas ago at age 50, began dating recently. We were both SHOCKED when some of her dates sent her photos of their penises. We don't get it at all. At all. But, it did ensure that there were no second dates with these perverts.

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    I will never understand the appeal either. If someone sent me a photo like that I would be disgusted. That's the last thing I want a photo of.

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