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    NC - Helen Darlene Fuller, 19 Yrs, Durham, Durham Co - Nov 24th, 1983

    Helen Darlene Fuller

    Last Seen: Nov 24th, 1983 - Thanksgiving Day

    Race: White
    Sex: Female
    Age: 19 Years
    Height: 5'9"
    Hair: Dark Brown Hair
    Eye: Blue Eyes
    Facial Features:
    Transportation: Rental Car (No description at this time)
    Dental Records:
    DNA Records:

    Darlene attended Southern High School and seemed to have few issues growing up until she fell in with the wrong crowd. Darlene married in Dec 1980 however the marriage ended within a years time. Darlene then moved to Hollywood, Florida and was living with Phil "Skip" Parselli a real estate broker and his family. The two had traveled to Durham, NC for the Thanksgiving Holiday staying with Darlene's parents. Helen and Skip decided to go visit Darlene's grandmother while in town, however they never made it.

    A few days later their rental car was found at South of the Boarder, a roadside Mexican theme attraction on I-95 near the North Carolina/South Carolina boarder. The car did not reveal any evidence of foul play, however one possible clue was a belt buckle with the Outlaws motorcycle gang's emblem was found inside the car.

    A missing persons report was filed by Darlene's family an MP was never located on Phil "Skip" Parselli.

    Darlene's father spent numerous years searching for his daughter hiring a Private Detective and following rumored leads that took him to Tennessee and Florida. Neither Darlene nor Skip have ever been located.

    *Darlene's personal items and clothing packed for her trip home for the holiday was left behind at her parents home.

    Investigating Agency:
    Durham North Carolina Police Department - http://durhamnc.gov/149/Police-Department
    Phone: 919-560-4322

    Durham District 4 Substation South Miami Blvd
    Phone: (919) 560-4415

    David Johnson (Former Durham Detective) Currently a Private Investigator

    Information Resources:

    The Herald Sun, Durham North Carolina - March 26, 1995
    Memorial set for woman missing over 11 years - Article by Paul Bonner

    The Herald Sun, Durham North Carolina - December 28, 2008
    Still waiting for news of Helen Brother seeks help solving mystery of 1983 disappearance

    **Came upon Helen's case last year while searching for information on another case. Have contacted Durham LE with no response in regards to acquiring a photo of Darlene. Have also been searching HS yearbooks and anywhere else to find a photo if anyone is able to locate a photo kindly bring it on to this thread.

    There is another case that I'm researching that could possibly be connected or not be connected is just a matter of coincidence. It's a possibility I'm looking at once there is more hard fact validation I will post

    Durham NC to South of the Border.JPG
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    Help Identify Lake Pontchartrain Jane Doe - Slidell, Louisiana - June 19, 1986

    Red/Brown (Auburn) Hair, 5'2-5'4, 20-30 yrs old, perfect teeth absence of wisdom, Scars; right knee, abdomen, right wrist, prior right hip injury, possible nose surgery, breast implants, 8-12 wks pregnant, marking of a ring left hand ring finger

    LSU Faces: http://identifyla.lsu.edu/profile.php?id=383
    NAMUS: https://identifyus.org/cases/852
    Doe: http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/16ufla.html

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