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    UK - Finnian Layland-Stratfield, 17, Tintagel, 8 July 2017

    Finnian Layland-Stratfield, 17, from Tintagel, was last seen near the town's youth hostel by a walker on Saturday, July 8, between 6pm and 6.30pm.He was also spotted on a local pub's CCTV footage.

    The following day at 5.30pm a rucksack containing some of his personal belongings were located on cliffs above Hole Beach in Tintagel.


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    According to the local tide tables, evening high tide that day was at 18.40, with a height of 6.90m.

    High Tide: 06:20

    Low Tide: 11:44

    High Tide: 18:40

    Low Tide: 00:03


    If he took his rucksack off to, say, take a photo, he could easily have slipped over the edge of the cliff and his body been swept out to sea. It's worth noting that high tide comes right up to the base of the cliffs there.


    For those not familiar with OS mapping, the solid black line behind the beach represents the High Water mark.

    This is a very rocky coast. Depending on what was at the bottom of the cliff at that point, he would either have landed on flat rock (and been killed) or in the water crashing against the foot of the cliff (and either drowned or killed by being beaten against the rocks). At high tide there is no way he could have either climbed up the cliff or walked round on the rocks to somewhere he could have scaled the cliff.

    If he fell from the cliffs between 18.00 and 18.30 he or his body would have been almost immediately taken out to sea when the tide turned at 18.40.

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    Very local to me, this coast is dramatic but also very dangerous.
    A local lad who would be aware of the dangers but the edges of the cliffs here can be unpredictable.
    As he left his rucksack I am just hoping this could be a dreadful accident.
    Thoughts with his family.

    will add that in the holiday season there are more accidents - often fatal - involving people being washed off rocks when fishing or just sunbathing. Sadly the sea remains an unrecognised force to many.
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