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    GA - Nancy Ambrozik, 46, Marietta, 14 March 1995

    Unsolved murder revisited
    Grown kids help police dig into decade-old slaying of Cobb nurse

    By Don Plummer
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 03/28/05

    Ten years have passed since Nancy Ambrozik's body was found inside the bedroom of her Cobb County home.

    The 46-year-old emergency room nurse had been savagely beaten, then strangled. The murder alarmed her neighbors on secluded Claire Circle in Marietta.

    Police never made an arrest in the case, and no one knows for certain who killed Nancy.

    Her brother and three sisters, though, say they believe it was Joseph Ambrozik, Nancy's husband.

    Joseph Ambrozik, who now teaches algebra and coaches golf at a high school in Hollywood, Fla., has denied any involvement in the slaying.


    The suspicions swirling around Joseph have split the family, with the couple's two other children steadfastly defending him.

    Body discovered

    On March 14, 1995, Nancy Ambrozik returned home from her night shift at the hospital and, before going to bed,saw her children off to school.

    About eight hours later, her husband returned home from work and called 911 to say he had found his wife's body in their bedroom.

    Detectives found Nancy, dressed in a blood-soaked white nightgown, lying face up on the carpet between the bed and dresser. Her hands were raised above her head, and she had numerous cuts on her head and face.

    It was a sudden, violent attack that began as she lay sleeping in her bed, the medical examiner concluded.

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    Post Ambrozik Home

    I am currently living in the home that Nancy was murdered in. I was unaware that there had been a murder in the home when I purchased it, not that it really matters to me. A neighbor mentioned it to me one day, assuming that I knew about it. I sleep in the bedroom she was murdered in and quite often think about the poor woman that died there though I did not know her.

    I just hope that justice will be done!

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    Question Nancy Ambrozik - Still unsolved since 3/14/95

    The 46-year-old emergency room nurse had been savagely beaten, then strangled. The murder alarmed her neighbors on secluded Claire Circle in Marietta. Parents kept their children inside, fearing a killer was on the loose. Strange cars in the neighborhood prompted flurries of 911 calls.

    Just curious if there is any more information on this case since I live in the house where she was murdered.

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    From South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL) - Saturday, April 2, 2005

    "A man who is the prime suspect in his wife's murder teaches math and coaches girl's soccer at Hollywood Hills High, but school officials didn't know about the police investigation until after they hired him.

    Joseph Ambrozik , 53, of Dania Beach has never been charged with the 1995 killing of his wife and maintains his innocence.

    "I'm not a monster," Ambrozik said. "I was a simple spouse who loved my wife, and to think I could have done this is ridiculous.""

    According to the article, a civil jury decided he was probably responsible for her death and found that he shouldn't receive her life insurance. It also says that his in-laws and two of his four grown children think he did it.

    Another short quote:

    "Marianne Facklam, one of Nancy Ambrozik's sisters, would later testify that two days before her murder, Nancy Ambrozik asked her if she could be given her power of attorney "in case anything happens to me, I can count on you to make the right decision for my kids," court records show. She then said that "Joe is acting strange; he's up to something."

    But police had no physical evidence that Ambrozik killed his wife. They never found the murder weapon. "

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    I knew Nancy. I worked with her for several years. sooo sad... and her poor family fell apart after this happened
    ~ my opinion only

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    Murder Haunts Teacher Tie To Georgia Killing Slips By School District
    April 2, 2005|By Jamie Malernee Staff Writer

    A year later, through an anonymous tip, they learned Ambrozik was a suspect, Melita added. But because Ambrozik had not been charged, there was nothing they could do.
    "He wasn't found guilty criminally. He had a valid [teaching] certificate from the state," Melita said. "There is nothing to preclude him from working with us."
    Ed Marko, attorney for the school district, said that if officials had known a potential employee was a suspect in a murder, it could have affected their decision to hire.

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    Nancy Ambrozik’s body was found inside her Marietta bedroom 20 years ago, and while her case remains unsolved, a special unit in Cobb’s district attorney’s office is making progress... Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds said his Cold Case Unit is reviewing the case...

    Reynolds said he and his staff met within the last two weeks to discuss what the next step is... He said if things go the way he and his staff want them to, they’ll be making a move on the case “sooner rather than later.”

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