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    Canada - Kimberley McAndrews, 19, Nova Scotia, 12 Aug 1989

    Family of local woman missing for 28 years still searching for answers

    19-year-old Kimberley McAndrews disappeared on August 12, 1989 after leaving the Canadian Tire store on Quinpool road at the end of her shift at 4:20 p.m.

    Her family said she seemed to vanish. Her bank accounts were left untouched and all her possessions were left behind.

    Kimberley’s sister, Megan Adams, said police were unable to find any trace of Kimberley despite it being a fairly public area.
    “On a sunny sunny day in August,” she said. “4:20 [in the afternoon] there was always lots of people around that area, the back entrance to Canadian Tire, the parking lot area is still very similar there.”

    Adams said her sisters and boyfriend were planning to see some buskers that day but they could not find Kimberley when they went to pick her up.
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