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    Question NJ - Trenton - Skeleton Under House - Been there 8-10 years, Jan'06


    Repairman Finds Human Skeleton Under House

    A repairman fixing a heating duct under a house discovered a clothed human skeleton and police on Saturday said they still were trying to figure out the person’s identity.

    “It looked like the guy crawled up in there,” said police spokesman Peter Page. “I don’t know if he was a homeless person or a previous tenant or what.”

    The body was discovered Friday by handyman Richard Woods in a crawl space under the kitchen of the house.

    He said the torso and the head of the skeleton were under debris but that the rest of it was visible.

    “I thought at first it was a Halloween skeleton but then I touched the foot and realized it wasn’t plastic, it was bone,” he said. “It was very scary.”
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    Oh, my goodness, can you imagine! I would think that would really stink!

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    The current tenant indicated that from time to time there was a bad smell, but they just thought it was the sewers.

    They don't know how long the person was down there, nor do they know if it was an accident or not. Since the head and shoulders are under debris, it is possible someone went down there to fix something and it caved in.

    It would be interesting too to know if anyone that previously lived there went missing.

    I did a search for Trenton, PA and didn't come up with any missing person on the Doe Network, but it doesn't necessarily have to be that old.

    I really want to find out more about this.

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    I bet the handyman couldn't of got out of there fast enough!!!

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    I just noticed another story about this and apparently its Trenton, New Jersey NOT PA.

    Sorry for the error. The first two (and only) stories just said Trention and they were PA sites....

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    Yep... the Philadelphia news stations serve Trenton NJ. They have bureaus in Trenton. This is Trenton- the state capital of NJ.

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    What about Richard Petrone?

    While I realize that it's a stretch, he has been missing from Philly since Feb 05. Trenton, NJ is not far considering that Richard was last seen in a downtown Philly bar and the bridges into NJ would make it a quick trip. His case is the one that came to mind when reading this, especially since there has been absolutely NO new info about him or Danielle Imbo, who went missing with him.

    Possibly crawled under the house to hide/evade an evil person? Wonder how long before a cause of death is determined?

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    Trenton is pretty far from Philly if you're fleeing someone. Even without traffic its at least 45 minutes. Anyway, I don't think he'd leave Danielle alone somewhere to fend for herself.

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    I agree bykerladi... Especially since they were from S. Jersey. There's no reason to take 95 to Route 1 or 95 to 29 just to go to Trenton. There are better places- like Atlantic City for example.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it were someone living under the house. A transient.

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    Trenton Times
    Skeleton may have lain hidden for eight years
    Sunday, January 08, 2006
    Staff Writer

    TRENTON - The clothed skeleton found in a crawl space under a city home Friday may have lain hidden there for nearly a decade, police said yesterday.

    Police said it is far too early to identify the skeleton or say exactly how he or she died, but a preliminary estimate by investigators suggests the person may have died as long as eight years ago.

    Police said no obvious signs of trauma were seen during an initial examination of the skeleton, but a full, detailed exam - including the use of X-rays - will be performed.

    Unless an obvious wound - such as that caused by a bullet or blade - is found, it could take investigators weeks to determine the cause of death, police said.

    How the skeleton came to be in the crawl space under the kitchen of that house in the first block of Trent Street also remained a mystery yesterday.

    Police said it was too soon to tell if the person crawled under the house and then died, or if the person was already dead and the body was placed there

    Read more here:http://www.nj.com/search/index.ssf?/...mes?ngx&coll=5

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    Anyone have any updates on this one?

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    No updates but I found a link that's still functional.


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    Has anyone heard any info on this . Was it a man or woman and above mentions the remains had clothing... I have looked but have not found anything.

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