A Pompano Beach boy tried to save his sister after the car they were sitting in was carjacked from a gas station.

''Mommy, I'm a superhero! Are you proud of me?'' quipped 6-year-old Eddie Bonilla as he ran into his mother's arms, hours after he survived being carjacked, kidnapped and dropped off on a dark roadway in Pompano Beach Thursday night.
Before he was rescued, Eddie had the wherewithal to try to persuade his kidnapper to release his 8-month-old sister, who was also in the back seat of the car. But the carjacker, later identified as a 13-year-old boy, refused and sped off with little Carolina Bonilla tucked into her car seat.
The story had a happy ending: Cops caught the suspect, and Eddie and his sister were reunited with their parents.
And it was Eddie who played a role in capturing the bad guy.
Rodriguez said the carjacking taught her a valuable lesson: Never leave your keys in the ignition -- or your children in the car. ''You never know who is watching and waiting,'' she said.