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    MD - Human Skeletal Remains, Howard County, Jan'06 - Anber Juarez-Sanchez

    Police say hunters in Jessup discovered the remains while they were walking through a wooded area around 9:45 this morning. The remains appear to be at least several weeks old.
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    I wonder who it is .I hope they get an ID soon for the family of any local missing.

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    The victim has been identified:

    Jan. 7 2006
    Howard County Police are investigating the discovery of skeletal remains found this morning in Jessup. The body was discovered in a wooded area off of Mission Road by the railroad tracks near Concord Drive.

    January 12, 2006
    A medical examiner has ruled that the cause of death in the case of skeletal remains found in Howard County last week was homicide. The ruling was that blunt force trauma caused death to the male victim, whose identity is still unknown.

    September 6 2006
    Howard County police have confirmed the identity of a homicide victim whose skeleton was found by hunters in a wooded area in January.
    Police learned through DNA testing that the victim was Anber Gumercindo Juarez-Sanchez, 18, of the 11500 block of Lockwood Dr. in Silver Spring. Juarez-Sanchez was last seen in August 2005.
    This week?s massive federal indictment of members of the international street gang MS-13 brought closure to an unsolved murder that had nagged Howard County detectives for more than a year.

    With the federal indictment, Howard County police have closed their only remaining unsolved homicide of 2006.

    "We?ve known for some time that gangs like MS-13 exist in the county," police spokeswoman Sherry Llewellyn said. "We still believe they have not taken a true foothold here. Of course, it concerns us that we?ve now had a homicide that involves gang violence. This reinforces the importance of continuing our proactive efforts against gangs."

    A federal grand jury indicted Rigoberto Del Transito Mejia Regaldo, known as "Ski" or "Loco Rigo," with participating in the premeditated murder of Anber Gumercindo Juarez-Sanchez, 18, of Silver Spring ? previously the only unsolved killing in Howard County in 2006.
    Read more at the Washington Examiner:
    Tuesday, January 8, 2008

    A Salvadoran gang leader under indictment in connection with nine Washington area homicides was killed over the weekend in a shootout with Salvadoran police, U.S. law enforcement sources said.

    Rigoberto Del Transito Mejia Regaldo, who was alleged to be a leader of MS-13, was fatally wounded during a gun battle with Salvadoran national police, said the sources, speaking on condition of anonymity because of an ongoing prosecution of other defendants.

    According to Salvadoran news reports, three Salvadoran police officers were on patrol about 11 a.m. in San Salvador, the capital, when they were fired on by as many as eight people. The officers returned fire, and Mejia Regaldo, 27, was fatally wounded.

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