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    NE - Alex Tay, 6 mos, beaten to death at Omaha day care, 5 Dec 2005

    ...Rogers told investigators that she slammed the baby's head at least six times into the floor on Dec. 5, and that wasn't the first time she shook the child. At that time, Rogers was in the early stages of pregnancy and the youngest of her three children was 18 months old.

    More: http://www.siouxcityjournal.com/arti...f0001203ab.txt
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    "Rogers will be evaluated to determine whether depression, postpartum depression and the hormonal effects of pregnancy affected her behavior on Dec. 5."

    Oh pullease...This is not Andrea Yates we're talking. This woman knew right from wrong. I'm not buying the crazy pregnant woman hormone defense for slamming a baby's head into the floor!!!
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    Thumbs down New Invention.

    It's called the telephone and i hear it works quite well all u have to do is pick it up and call someone for help, anyone...this is not a third world country if u have no phone go to a neighbors house, take 10 min by yourself the list goes on. The insanity defense may not work in this case though if she admitted to slamming the babies head on the floor before because that shows that she has a conscience (no matter how little) which also shows she knows rite from wrong, I think her lawyer would have a hard time showing that she did not know rite from wrong at the time she hurt the baby at least I don't buy it.

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    Why didn't she stop watching other people's children? She must have realized that she was spinning out of control. I wonder if she had the same problem when she was pregnant with her 18 mo old baby? It just makes no sense to keep babysitting when you can't handle it. So sad for the parents of that little baby.

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    From July 2010:


    An Omaha woman scheduled to get a new trial in the 2005 death of an infant in her care has pleaded guilty to child abuse resulting in death and was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

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