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    MD - Kimberly Mileo, 20, Croom, 9 June 1983


    Kimberly Christine Mileo, born 12 June 1962, was last seen alive in Croom, Maryland on 9 June 1983. She was the daughter of Michael Mileo, and at the time lived with him and her step mother in Kettering (Largo), Maryland.

    She had previously lived in Croom through Middle School.

    She was white, 4 feet 11 inches tall, weighed 98 pounds, slender build, and had light brown shoulder length hair. She was last seen wearing a white tube top,
    black shorts, white sandals, and was carrying a white wind breaker jacket.

    Kim had spent Wednesday, 8 June 1983 at the home of her girl friend, Kim Easley, age 20. The two girls had known each other since early childhood. The Easley family had obtained tickets to the upcoming Beach Boys Concert scheduled for the fourth of July 1983, and they planned to give them to Kim Mileo as a 21st birthday present at a party which they were planning for the following weekend.

    With them that day was Kim Mileo's boy friend, Dana Hudson, age 24, who lived with his parents only a mile up the road. The three of them spent part of the day sitting around the Easley pool and later all three went for a drive in the rural setting of Croom, all arriving back at the Easley home later that afternoon. Croom is a small country village about 20 miles south of Washington, DC.

    Easley remembered that Kim "had been fighting with Dana a little, but it was nothing serious." At 11:00 PM, Kim left with Dana to go to his parents' house and horse farm at 16411 Mount Calvert Road, in Croom. Kim's last words to her friend Easley were, "Call me in the morning."

    When Easley called the Mileo home the next morning and asked for Kim, she was informed that Kim had not returned from her trip to Croom. Kim's father, Michael called the Hudson home and spoke with Dana Hudson. Dana claimed to have no knowledge of Kim's whereabouts, but did offer that she "seemed suicidal" to him the day before. Kim's parents reported her as missing to Prince Georges County Police later that same day (Thursday, 9 June 1983).

    All further word on Kim's whereabouts comes from members of the Hudson family. Kim was said to have been in their house with Dana that evening. They stated that she left for home at 2:30 AM, that being the time that Dana's father, Mr. Donald Hudson, said that he was awakened by the sound of her car's broken muffler. A search and investigation was begun.

    On Friday, 10 June, Dana Hudson was questioned by police. Later that day, Dana and a friend left town without telling anyone where they were going. When Dana returned two days later, he claimed to have driven to Ocean City, Maryland, "to look for Kim."

    Kim's car was a gray 1972 Chevrolet Vega with Maryland tags ADG-075. It was found abandoned near 16301 Croom Road on Saturday, 11 June by Dana Hudson's brother Greg and/or a friend. It's location was 9 miles south of the intersection of Croom Road and Mount Calvert Road - in the opposite direction that Kim would have taken to drive home.

    When police began to question why the car had gone unnoticed for two days before Greg Hudson found it, another friend of the Hudson family came forth to state that he had seen it at 3:15 AM Thursday in the same place where it was later found by Greg Hudson. The car, when checked by police, was found to be locked. Kim's purse was inside and there were no apparent signs of a struggle or injury. It was in a working condition.

    A large scale search for Kim was conducted in the area that the car was found, but it turned up no trace of Kim.

    On Sunday, 12 June 1983, Dana Hudson was given a lie detector test, which he failed. He was then aggressively interrogated, but would not admit any guilt or responsibility in Kim's disappearance.

    On 30 June 1983, Dana's younger brother, Todd was picked up by police and interrogated for several hours before being released at 4:00 AM on 1 July. Since that day, the Hudson family has refused any interviews or assistance in the case, and has referred all inquiries to their lawyer.

    Kimberly Christine Mileo's disappearance was officially classified as a Homicide, but without a body, or other physical evidence, no one was charged and the case remains unsolved.
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    This is terrible! Why did LE not issue a search warrant for the boyfriend's property?? It makes perfect sense to check there as that was the last place she was seen alive.

    edited to note: AND the boyfriend's brother was the one who found her car!?!!

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    It is sad to know that she will never come home!
    This is just my opinion.

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    Strange inconsistancies

    Not only is it a rather strange "coincidence" that the brother found the car, but that it had supposedly gone unnoticed for so long. Croom road is a long winding 2 lane country road. This would have been the only car parked on the side of the road.
    Also, the fact that it was nine miles in the OPPOSITE direction of where she would have driven to go home, makes it even stranger.
    Something not mentioned in the above story is that when police arrived to check out the car, the boyfriend's parents were already there looking it over.
    There are several possibilities regarding Kim's disappearance. That is if you consider every POSSIBILITY. But when a person considers the likelyhood of each possibility - especially in the light of Kim being still missing after 21 years, you are really only left with two main scenarios.
    The first would be that Kim left the Hudson home at 2:30AM, and somehow got disoriented and drove south instead of north. Then, for some reason, a person totally unrelated to the Hudsons came along this lonely road, abducted her, killed her, and hid her body. Leaving her car to be seen by a Hudson family friend at 3:15AM the same night. But the friend didn't think it was important enough to mention.
    The second scenario is not hard to figure out...

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    What's "Dana" been up since then? Of course he knows something. He may get away with this now, but some day, he'll have to face a higher power and answer for this. I pray for her family. I know exactly what they're going through.

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    Lawyered Up...

    The family of Kim's boyfriend still live in Croom, Maryland. They initially acted very helpful toward the police, but as soon as Dana became the number one suspect, they ceased any and all cooperation. They hired a lawyer and refused to speak to any police investigators, although they did speak to the local press long enough to criticize the police and their investigation. A few years after Kim's disappearance, there was an incident involving a police officer and Dana's father, Donald. Donald owned Penn-Dower Petroleum located a few miles north of Croom. When the police came to question him about searching his business property, he locked the gate with the police officer inside his compound. There were charges and counter charges, but the family lawyer made the charges disappear. Kind of like Kim.

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    1987 Anniversary News Article...

    The following news story comes from a 1987 issue of the Prince George's County Journal. This was written on the fourth anniversary of Kim's disappearance. It has now been 21 and a half years since she disappeared, and her case is still not solved. This story gives some insight into the problems the the police faced in dealing with people who may know the answers...


    Kimberly Mileo's friends and family -not to mention the police in Prince George's County, Md. -are as baffled today about her mysterious disappearance as they were the night she simply vanished.

    In police terminology, Mileo is a '' critical missing person.'' But four years after the fact there are few leads and only faint hope that something will turn up.

    '' It's as much a mystery now as it was four years ago,'' said county police Cpl. Lawrence DeHof, who is the third detective to have charge of the case.

    Mileo's disappearance is the only one of its kind in the county -a presumed murder where no body has ever been found. '' We've had bodies that were never identified, but not something like this, at least not in the eight years I've been here,'' DeHof said.

    When Mileo's car was found three days after her disappearance, there was no blood, no sign of a struggle, no evidence of kidnapping or ransom demands.

    Nevertheless, DeHof said police have always worked on the assumption that a homicide took place because there was also none of the usual evidence to indicate Mileo left town. None of her clothes or other personal belongings were missing from home, her bank accounts were untouched and her purse and a '' flip flop'' sandal were still in her car.

    The only leads in the case now are rumors that invariably turn out to be just that: rumors.

    '' About every three months something will come up. We'll get a call -another rumor -and check it out,'' DeHof said.

    Earlier this year, a county woman implicated her boyfriend in Mileo's murder, DeHof said. After checking out her story, police determined the two had been fighting and that the woman was only using the Mileo story to get back at her boyfriend.

    It has been four long, frustrating years for Kimberly Mileo's father, Michael. He has given up all but the most desparate hope of ever seeing his daughter alive. But until he knows for certain what happened to her, Mileo says he can never rest.

    '' It's been hard -very, very hard,'' Mileo said this week. '' I'd almost give everything up just to have a decent burial for her and to know what happened so I can get on with my life.''

    Kimberly Mileo was three days shy of her 21st birthday when she was last seen, about 2: 30 a. m. June 9, 1983, at the family home of Dana Hudson, her boyfriend.

    Three days later members of the Hudson family found Mileo's car on a desolate section of Croom Road. On the dashboard was a single rose Hudson had given her.

    For the next two days police officers, area residents and volunteer firefighters searched the woods and fields in the surrounding area. Helicopters equipped with heat sensors scoured the area, scuba divers searched swamps and streams, and psychics were consulted. All without success.

    From the beginning the case has strained and all but ended relations between the Mileo and Hudson families.

    For a time, Dana Hudson was the chief suspect in his girlfriend's disappearance and presumed murder. Hudson and his younger brother Todd were interviewed at length by police. The family home and business were put under surveillance.

    No charges were ever filed and the Hudsons insist they have no knowledge of what happened to Mileo and want to find out what happened as much as anyone else.

    One repercussion of the investigation has been lawsuits and countersuits.

    The police investigation prompted the boy's father, Donald G. Hudson, to file a $600,000 lawsuit against the county accusing the Police Department of harassment. Hudson also claimed he was injured in a disputed incident with a police officer at Hudson's Upper Marlboro, Md., business.

    After the suit was thrown out, Hudson was ordered to pay $1,000 in attorney's fees to the county and $703 in court costs. Hudson said there is still a judgment against him for that amount, adding that he still has not paid the money.

    In the most recent development, a $6 million countersuit filed against Hudson by county police officer James Nowlin, one of the defendants in Hudson's suit, was dropped in April before the case could go to trial.

    Both lawsuits stemmed from an October 1983 incident when Nowlin drove onto the lot of Penn Dower Petroleum while conducting surveillance. When Nowlin attempted to leave, Hudson began closing the entrance gate. Hudson claimed in his suit that he was injured when Nowlin drove through the gate.

    In the countersuit, Nowlin claimed Hudson was not hurt and accused Hudson of defamation and of malicious use of process and abusive process for bringing the initial lawsuit.

    Hudson has long been critical of the police investigation of Mileo's disappearance and he says he too wants to know what happened.

    '' We don't talk about it all the time, but it comes up quite often in family discussions,'' Donald Hudson said of Mileo's disappearance. '' There is not a day I don't think about it. It is very much still a part of us. I will never fully rest until I find out what happened.''

    Copyright Journal Newspapers 1987

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    There was a Mileo killed in the Iraq war a few months ago. He was from around the same area as Kim was from. I've wondered since if it was a relative of hers.

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    Mileo family

    Quote Originally Posted by marylandmissing
    There was a Mileo killed in the Iraq war a few months ago. He was from around the same area as Kim was from. I've wondered since if it was a relative of hers.
    As far as I know, Kim was an only child. Her father, Michael lives in Maryland still, and I believe that he has relatives in the state. So perhaps the young man was a cousin to her, but I do not know for certain.

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    I'll have to look for it, but I think somewhere it talks about a brother. Could be a step-brother though. I think both parents were remarried.

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    Newspaper 5 year anniversary article

    Here is Pricce George's Journal article which appeared in June 1988 on the 5th anniversary of Kim Mileo's disappearance. It is possibly the last article that they published on her. The article mentions a reward and a phone number for tips. I do not know if either is still correct today.

    Copyright Journal Newspapers 1988

    Five years after Kimberly Mileo's mysterious disappearance just three days before her 21st birthday, her family, friends and the Prince George's County police are still looking and still hoping.

    They are looking for clues and for a possible killer, but most of all the family is just looking for answers.

    Because of the time that has passed, Mileo's family has little hope that she is alive, but say they are hoping for an end to the five-year ordeal.

    '' No, I don't think she's alive. She just wouldn't do this. It wasn't like her. She would never go anywhere by herself. She wouldn't even go to Ocean City by herself,'' said Louise Mileo, Kimberly's stepmother. '' We just want to find her. We just want to know where she is.''

    Kimberly Mileo was last seen about 2: 30 a. m. June 9, 1983, when she left her boyfriend's house on Mount Calvert Road in Croom.

    When her car was discovered three days later, there was no blood, no sign of a struggle and no evidence of kidnapping or ransom demands.

    Yet police treat Mileo's disappearance as a homicide because they say they found no evidence to indicate that she left town. None of her clothes or personal belongings were missing from her Croom home. Her bank accounts were untouched and her purse and a sandal were discovered in the car.

    The family hopes that publicity about the fifth anniversary of Mileo's disappearance will lead to new information in the case.

    There is still a $16,000 reward for information leading to Mileo's whereabouts or the arrest and indictment of her abductor. Anyone who has such information is asked to call the Police Department's Crime Solvers line at 735-1111. All calls will be kept confidential.

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    did they fingerprint the steering wheel to find out who drove it to where it was parked?

    the boyfriend failed the polygraph test? what type of questions?

    whoever killed her drove her car to where it was left leaving her purse inside...

    IMO of course

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    Trying to find the article about Dana suing the police for harassment. He was arrested many years down the road after this and tried to sue the police department.

    Sent something to PG on this today - a case in another state a couple years later looks enough like Kim to warrant a look at it, imo.

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    The 1987 four-year anniversary article (in this thread) makes reference to some of the Hudsons' attempts to sue. Their claims were thrown out of court. That was Donald Hudson (Dana's father) who brought those suits.

    Some of the family still lives at the house mentioned in the story. Dana is still a Maryland resident. Don't know if he ever resided in another state.

    I don't have much information about any evidence obtained from the car. Kim was last seen wearing sandels, but not certain if the flip flop in the car was one of that pair, or another. Her purse was in the car. One account states that the Hudson family were gathered around her car when police arrived.

    The car was located about nine miles South of Mount Calvert Road, on Croom Road. Kim would have turned North on Croom Road to head to her home in Kettering. A large scale search was launched in the area where the car turned up, but nothing was found.

    When Kim's father, Michael Mileo, called the Hudson home and spoke with Dana on the morning of 9 June 1983, Dana volunteered the information that he thought Kim "seemed suicical" the night before. This was a few days before the car mysteriously appeared on Croom Road. If someone had wanted to commit suicide by drowning in the river, they could have driven a half mile east from the Hudson home on Mount Calvert Road to the Patuxent River, rather than driving parallel to the river for nine miles, and setting out on foot through a mile of thickets to get to it. Even then, the river is only about knee deep for many yards out from shore.

    It would have made more sense for the car to have been found somewhere between the Hudson home and Kettering, but that was not the case.

    Kim disappeared about one year after another Croom girl was abducted, raped tortured and burned to death. That other girl was Stephanie Roper. The two dirtbags who killed her were arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to several Life prison terms, but the Prince Georges County judge erred and stated that the prison terms were to run Concurrently, instead of Consecutively. This meant that they would be up for parole at some future date. This caused an uproar in the community and the state. St. Marys County prosecutors set things straight, however, when they charged the two with similar crimes, stating that Prince Georges County could charge them with crimes committed in Prince Georges County, but St. Marys County would charge them with those crimes committed in their jurisdiction. Their subsequent convictions and life sentences were to run Consecutively, effectively eliminating the possibility of parole.

    A Victim's advocacy group called the Stephanie Roper Committee was founded after Stephanie's death and was in existence when Kim disappeared. Dana's parents had been among the earliest supporters of that organization. Surprisingly, the Roper Committee newsletter never mentions Kim Mileo's disappearance.

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    March 30, 1984; Page B12
    Section: Metro
    Word Count: 311
    An Upper Marlboro man has filed a civil suit in Prince George's County Circuit Court against the county and a county police officer, charging that the police officer assaulted him with a county-owned car and that the county was negligent in its training and supervision of the officer.
    Donald G. Hudson, who is seeking $600,000 in damages, claims his right hand and foot were injured last Oct. 10 when Officer James Nowlin drove through a large iron gate that Hudson was attempting to close.

    Woman's Disappearance Termed Murder by Police
    Article 5 of 13 found
    Sandra R. Gregg, Washington Post Staff Writer
    September 30, 1983; Page B13
    Section: Metro
    Word Count: 472
    A study by the FBI on the disappearance last June of Kimberly Mileo has prompted police to say publicly for the first time that they believe the Kettering woman was murdered.
    Frustrated county homicide detectives took all of their evidence in the case to the FBI behavioral sciences unit in Quantico, Va. earlier this month in an attempt to find new leads in the case. Yesterday, Capt. James Fitzpatrick, commander of the county's major assaults division, said the FBI report says in part
    Click for complete article <>

    Police Question Missing Woman's Boyfriend
    Article 6 of 13 found
    Lisa Swenarksi, Washington Post Staff Writer
    July 8, 1983; Page B8
    Section: Metro
    Word Count: 487
    The parents of a Prince George's County man who was the boyfriend of Kimberly Mileo, a missing 20-year-old Kettering woman, say county police questioned two of their sons for hours about the woman's disappearance and ignored their sons' repeated requests to go home and to contact their parents and a lawyer.
    Donald Hudson, father of Mileo's boyfriend, Dana, 24, complained that police continued to question Dana, and his younger brother Todd, 19, on separate occasions long

    Endless Wait of Missing Woman's Family
    Article 7 of 13 found
    Sandra R. Gregg, Washington Post Staff Writer
    June 26, 1983; Page B3
    Section: Metro
    Word Count: 703
    Anxious days of waiting have turned into weeks of agony for the family and friends of Kimberly Christine Mileo, the young Kettering woman who disappeared in Croom more than two weeks ago. For many, hope has been replaced by outrage.
    Although Mileo's fate remains unknown, her distraught stepmother, Louise Mileo said yesterday, "The parents of whoever has done this are going to have to execute their child."
    She said that each day becomes more difficult. Mike Mileo, a Silver
    Click for complete article <>

    P.G. Police Fear Woman Victim of Foul Play Article 8 of 13 found Sandra R. Gregg, Washington Post Staff Writer June 15, 1983; Page C11 Section: Metro Word Count: 516 Prince George's County police donned scuba gear yesterday and searched a swampy area in Croom for clues to the disappearance of 20-year-old Kimberly Christine Mileo. Police said the second day of searching produced no new information on the Kettering woman, who was last seen early last Thursday. Police, who say they suspect foul play in the disappearance, said friends of Mileo have offered a $1,000 reward for information on her whereabouts. Police said anyone with information should Click for complete article <>

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