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    Quote Originally Posted by Tabirey View Post
    So glad everyone is ok!
    Thank you so much Spellbound for being so caring and taking the time to make sure all of us made through Irma! This is why I love Websleuths, all of the wonderful people on here who genuinely care!

    Was all I could do.... had to make sure we all made it through!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spellbound View Post
    Was all I could do.... had to make sure we all made it through!
    Well, my vote is that you did an excellent job!

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    Maps: Tracking Hurricane Irma’s Path Over Florida
    UPDATED 5:00 PM ET, SEPT. 11, 2017

    Final Hurricane IRMA update – West Central FL, Tampa Bay, Pinellas County:

    It seems Hurricane MARIA will steer clear of our FL West Coast, so we finished yard cleanup and put everything back into the yard like potted plants, patio furniture, solar lights, yard art, etc.

    IRMA was a CAT 1 when she passed to the east of our Tampa Bay area, and thus wasn’t a significant test for our CrimSafe sliding-glass door screen and our aluminum roof, but both held up with no damage.

    During the worst of the howling winds Monday morning, we heard a lot of Clunk-Roll-Thud noises which sounded like bricks (!), but were just small tree limbs.

    We don’t have shutters and did not board up our 35 year-old windows. A few neighbors boarded their windows and put sandbags at their front door.

    All of my wood fencing stayed strong, but most neighbors still have some wood fence panels to repair/replace as well as removing some downed trees. No house structural damage in our neighborhood.

    We did not evacuate our Zone D. Our street did not completely flood and we could still see the middle crest of the road.

    We were without power for FOUR days. Mon & Tues were mild and comfortable. Wed & Thu were hot. We kept cool with wearing wet sweatbands and wet hats; and had small table-top battery operated fans blowing directly toward our heads. We had hot water because we have a gas water heater, so were able to wash up comfortably.

    I pre-loaded our bathtub with about 20 gallons of bottled tap water just in case we lost the municipal water supply, which didn’t happen.

    Refrigerator stayed cool and freezer stayed cold. I pre-froze six ¾ filled plastic gallon containers, so we had six good chunks of block ice. By day four, the freezer was in essence acting as the refrigerator as I had transferred all of the valuable cold food to the freezer section. When power was restored, a small portion of each block ice container was still frozen in the freezer section.

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    OK I washed the fridge in white vinegar for the fourth time - seemed to help eliminate any leftover odors. Better to do it before stocking it up with food again.

    The sky is yellow, it is pouring outside. thunder and lightning, sirens screeching up the road 5 minutes ago (probably a vehicle accident), lights flickered but did not go off. And DH and I are watching "Kiss of the Vampire" - seems suitable for a night like this.

    I need some hot orange tea.
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    Greta Van Susteren flew over the Keys today and took pictures from a helicopter: https://www.facebook.com/greta/posts/1860704187277766

    More at link.... Absolutely devastating destruction.
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    Why Irma drained the water from Tampa Bay
    Thursday, September 21, 2017 10:00am

    Nobody could believe it. As Hurricane Irma approached Florida, Tampa Bay suddenly went dry. People hopped down onto the bay bottom, now a vast sandy expanse, and walked around, stunned. […]

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