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    AL - Justice Delayed: Kharon Davis -- 10 Years in Jail, but Still Awaiting Trial

    Kharon Davis was 22 when he was charged with capital murder and booked into the county jail. Ten years later, he is still there, awaiting trial.

    He has had two judges, four teams of lawyers and nine trial dates, the first of which was in 2008. His case has outlasted a district attorney who served for nearly three decades. It defies any common understanding of the right to a speedy trial.

    As the case has languished, Mr. Davis, whose only prior offense was driving without a license, has been segregated from the jailís general population for minor transgressions like unauthorized peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, and a couple of more serious ones, like fighting. His mother, Chrycynthia Davis, says she has been allowed to visit him just once in the last three years.

    Though he has not been found guilty, Mr. Davis has already served half of the minimum sentence for murder.
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    After reading, IMO Mr Davis bears a large portion for the responsibility for the delays and is most likely where he belongs. This is local to me and the first I've heard of it.

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    It seems to me he's wanting the trial delayed.

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    from the NYT piece in post #1: Mr. Davisís case has suffered from misplaced evidence, conflicts of interest, and restrictions on his ability to review his own legal documents in jail, according to interviews and a review of his case file. His lawyers and prosecutors share the blame for the delay, as does Mr. Davis himself.

    and this:
    From the beginning, there was something peculiar about the way the Davis case ground through the legal system. His first lawyer, Benjamin Meredith, was the father of one of the investigating officers, Frank Meredith. At a preliminary hearing, the elder Mr. Meredith cross-examined his son.

    But it was four years before anyone raised a concern about the potential conflict of interest. In 2011, Mr. Valeska, the district attorney, finally brought it up. Judge Kevin Moulton, who had taken over the case in 2010, removed Mr. Meredith, who had initially been hired by Mr. Davisís mother, but became a court-appointed lawyer when she could no longer afford the bill.

    Mr. Valeska did not respond to inquiries on why he waited so long.

    In all that time representing Mr. Davis, Benjamin Meredith had filed only two motions.


    IMO This is an outrage for both families. I need to stay away from this thread but thank you for starting it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by killarney rose View Post
    After reading, IMO Mr Davis bears a large portion for the responsibility for the delays and is most likely where he belongs.
    No. It is the responsibility of the judge that a trial proceeds with reasonable speed--and neither the actions of the prosecution nor the defense should be able prevent this from happening.

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