I can't find a thread for Tammy.

Tammy was last seen at approximately 1:40pm leaving her residence in the vicinity of Topping Ave. and St. John Ave. in Kansas City, MO. Tammy indicated she would be back home by 4:00pm but never returned. She was supposed to leave for Pensacola, FL the next day, but is not know to have arrived there. She may be in the area of Pine Bluff/Benton, AR or Pensacola, FL however her passport was found in the possession of an individual in IL who was found to have vials of blood in his vehicle during a traffic stop.

Age last seen 21 years old
Age now 52 years old
Race White
Height (inches) 64.0
Weight (pounds) 125.0
Hair brown curly
Eyes green
Scar approximately 1" long on abdomen
Tattoo of a "heart" on groin, tattoo of a "butterfly" on groin
Double pierced ears
Black jeans, black leather jacket
White Nike athletic shoes

Dentals and fingerprints in Namus but no DNA