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    Quote Originally Posted by AlwaysShocked View Post
    To my knowledge Medicare does not provide free soap, toothpaste, or any of those other items you listed. Perhaps some other program was providing them?

    Re: Your health care
    Avoid being seen by a PA in the future. Also, if possible pay a little more for a plan that allows self referral. Last but not least, don't be afraid to become a doctor shopper until you find one that suits you.
    Free toothpaste, etc? Seriously???? Where in the heck did that idea come from! The problem with health care is that people have all kinds of strange ideas about it.

    I live in a country that has national health care. So many countries have it. Michael Moore had a movie about it. I forget what country went and checked out all of the health offerings around the world and chose the best one.

    The US does not have to reinvent the wheel. No, it does not. Just go and check out the rest of the world. Poorer than the US . They manage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fairy1 View Post

    Health factors aside, Trump has again made McCain his primary punching bag within his own party, dedicating several tweets to the Arizona senator this week and berating him on a morning radio show.

    'You look at McCain, what McCain has done is a tremendous slap in the face to the Republican Party,' Trump said on the Rick & Bubba radio show Monday, suggesting the McCain is 'the reason' nothing has passed.

    So disgusting. IMO, it's just a matter of time until Trump questions McCain's mental soundness due to his brain tumor.

    I am not a McCain fan for many many reasons, but for Trump to talk the way he does is revolting. Can you imagine any other President talking like that about a person who is not well ?

    How dare that tiny little man who had heel spurs say what he does? How can anyone support that !

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