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    The Austin Yogurt Shop Murders

    The cases against the original four were not the strongest, largely due to the destruction of the crime scene by the fire and fire department. The confessions were somewhat coerced, but also damming. The DNA evidence has been disputed, with the DA saying they have one sample of DNA and the defense claiming three. My question is, if someone has sex, how long can traces of the DNA, be it sperm or whatever, remain deposited in the female? Because if Amy Ayers was sexually active (it was possible), the evidence collected from her could have theoretically been placed there days before. If that is the case, then the DNA in this case is a red herring and the original four, still strong suspects. Does anybody know how long that DNA could stay inside somebody?

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    There's already a thread on this cold case: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...-December-1991

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