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    Quote Originally Posted by ATasteOfHoney View Post
    Special high risk vs preferred risk is significant insurance terms. It means my flood insurance will be cut in half $$$

    The reason for this is that although I could throw a seashell into the Atlantic Ocean from my house, they realize that the gulfstream currents combined with a deep, defensive ocean shelf make my home a reduced risk for flooding. The gulfstream being so close allows for water to continually move. Hurricane Irma & all those before it has proven it.
    Wind risk is another story but I’ m not obligated to carry that.
    so you are still covered if it floods, if I understand right. That would be great, to be covered at less expensive rates. I am glad for you, I was a bit concerned.
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    Thanks Spellbound.....all set!
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    Earlier in the thread, the models indicated conditions may be favorable for something to spin up next week in southern caribbean. Current forecasts continue with the possibility.


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    Storm Ophelia unearths a mystery ancient skeleton with parts of its skin still intact after an Irish coastal walkway is battered with huge wave

    Storm Ophelia has unearthed what appears to be ancient human skeleton with some of its skin still intact after the ex-hurricane battered an Irish coastal walkway with huge waves.

    The remains could be up to a thousand years old and were discovered by a walker after ferocious seas eroded the coastal soil.

    Ophelia's 75mph (120 kph) winds lashed at the walkway for hours on Tuesday, eventually revealing what appears to be an ancient burial site.

    One for the Unidentified section?

    Meanwhile the UK and Ireland are now preparing for the arrival this weekend of Storm Brian.


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