Police are searching for DeJuan Stewart, who they say shot and killed his pregnant ex-girlfriend, 20-year-old Ashley Caver.

The shooting took place Tuesday night at the corner of Simington Drive and Caldwell Drive in the Roger Williams Homes.

The same day Caver died, family and friends say she had tried to seek police protection from Stewart for herself and her unborn child.

Ashley Caver was a passenger in a Chevy Cavalier stopped along Simington Drive Tuesday night, when police say her ex-boyfriend approached with a gun and started firing shots into the car. Twenty-year-old Caver, who lived just down the street from the shooting, died shortly afterward from gunshot wounds to her head.

For the last several weeks, friends say Caver and Stewart had been arguing, prompting Caver to seek police protection. It was a move made too late.

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