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    TX - Houston, black female, 18-20, Acres Homes, Jan'06 - Jasmine Clark

    The body of a nude woman was found Thursday afternoon on the side of a northwest Houston road, officials told KPRC Local 2.

    Investigators said that a driver saw the body at about 11:30 a.m. on Cebra near DeSota, about 15 feet from the road.

    The woman's identity is not yet known. No clothes or identification were found near the body.
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    TX - Unidentified Black Woman, 18-20, Houston, Died 19 Jan 2006


    This is information that I gleaned from the above article, and others:

    Sex: Female
    Age: 18-22
    Race: Black
    Clothing: None, she was found completely nude

    Cause of death: No obvious signs of trauma. Doesn't look like she was assaulted.

    Estimated time of death: Died only a few hours before: Date found Jan 19, 2006

    Location: Found at the side of a road, near the curb. No effort was make to conceal the body. Found in the 6200 block of Cebra. An area known for dumping of stolen cars and unwanted items. Authorities think she may have been dumped there.

    Although no one from the neighborhood, who saw her photo, could identify her, one man said he thought he knew her from somewhere but couldn't place her.

    ***An autopsy is scheduled, once that has occured then the above information can be confirmed/verified.
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    HPD officials formed a joint task force of homicide and sex crimes detectives to follow "thousands" of leads in the slayings they say might be the work of a serial killer.

    Detectives began noticing a pattern in early April when the body of Pamela Ann Goss, 50, was found behind a small church in the 1900 block of Mansfield.

    The first victim who may be tied to the rash of slayings is Jasmine Clark, 21, whose nude body was discovered Jan. 19, lying near the road in the 6200 block of Cebra. Although her death was ruled a drug overdose, police said the case has been included in the ongoing investigation.

    The most recent victim linked to the slayings is an unidentified woman whose body was found Wednesday by children playing behind the Parlay Cafe at 5401 Rosslyn.


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