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    Man who pulls over woman, tells her he's a cop, arrested for impersonation, Oregon

    She was smart enough to call 911 on her cell phone!


    Man charged for police impersonation after roadside confrontation

    EUGENE, Ore. (AP) A man who falsely identified himself as a police officer to confront a woman about her driving has been arrested, police said.

    Ryan Michael Kossol, 24, of Eugene, was charged with impersonating an officer.

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    I've heard too many stories about criminals impersonating police officers and pulling vulnerable women over to rape, or kill them. I'm sure everyone's heard these stories.

    If you're ever pulled over by a police cruiser marked or unmarked, you have every right to ask the officer for his/her name and badge number, and call into the dispatch center (911, or the non emergency number if you know it) and verify the badge number, and verify that this is the officer that's pulling you over. If you're being really cautious, you can call 911 BEFORE you stop and pull into a well lit gas station/store/parking lot. Where other people would see you. Just let the dispatcher know you intend to pull over at the next public place, so she can pass that info back to the officer behind you and put on your caution lights so the officer knows you intend to stop.

    You cannot be too careful anymore. And police DO use cars that are not common police cars. I think our department uses several different models as undercover cars so they wont be noticed during a traffic speed trap. Not just the crown victorias that we're used to seeing.

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    Good thinking-I would've used my camera phone also

    It's scary all the different scenarios out there to lure people-fake cops, fake car trouble/accidents, faking running out of gas. I guess it shows you can never be too cautious.

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